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Week 1 – Leg Day

DB turning step ups 3×10 (10#, 15#, 15#)
DB single-leg DL 3×15 (15#)
DB walking lunges 3×10 (10#)
butt kicks w/resistance band 3×15
cable hip abduction 3×15
reverse calf raises 3×10-12

As much as my head wanted to take over I had to listen to my body.  My inner thighs were beginning to cramp on me.  My outer glutes were shaking uncontrollably.  I knew if I went on with the workout as previously designed I would over do it.  I stopped the workout after the DB walking lunges.

My left to right side imbalance has worsened.  The quadrupeds from week 1, the step ups and DL’s from this workout really have me seeing how bad has gotten.  I am rethinking my program design a little.  My NASM training would take someone with an imbalance as extreme as mine through an initial 4-6 week unilateral training program to correct the imbalance.  I’m going to do discuss a few things with RC a little more and report back with what I decide to do.

On a mental note… it was hard.  It’s hard to be in the gym again.  I immediately felt the feelings that have kept me out of the gym.  It’s hard to see the reflection in the mirror.  It’s hard to remember where I was… and compare.  It’s hard physically for me.  I even thought about never going back.  It was only for a split second before I reasoned with myself, but it was there… I heard the thought.  That’s definitely not what I want.  I know I’d only get worse. I spent the entire workout in my head.  If I’m going to lift correctly I have to keep my focus.  I have to keep pulling myself back to the NOW.  And I have to stay positive.  That’s all there is to it.

Today I’m sore in my BUTT and I LOVE that feeling!  I’m sore in my inner thighs and around my knees.  Especially all around the knee on my right side – the weaker side.  It just shows me my stabilizers have been slacking on me.  Or I on them. :)  Either way you look at it it’s time to wake ‘em up!

And on a side note… I’m watching my girl Cathy in her recent powerlifting meet.  I know she’s upset with some things, but overall this girl has done an amazing job of sticking with and progressing in her powerlifting adventures!  I’m so proud of her!  She’s got me wanting that powerlifting redemption more and more! She continues to inspire me.



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