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Until The End

link I’m a day behind posting this, but you know what they say… Better late than never.

Wednesday – October 26, 2011 continue reading

Warm Up: 10min Slosh Pipe Work (turned into 3 exercises of 5 reps each – squats, overhead press, lunges)

Strength: 5 x 8 pull-ups

Workout Of the Day: 10 to 1 for Time!

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Renegade Rows (2 count – I learn later that means row right, row left, push-up = 1.  Not row, push-up, row, push-up.)

The following video clip is hilarious!  Until you work with one of these slosh pipes you may not find it as humorous as I did. I think this “killer core” workout is attributed to the intense amount of core stabilization and the ridiculous giggling while attempting to remain standing!

see more

While working with the slosh pipe, I was quick to recognize my weak side.  Turns out the Turkish Get Ups aren’t the only reminder of my imbalances.  I just know I’ll have many imbalances and areas in need of strengthening as I get further into this training.

The first thing I was asked to do was put this pipe over my head and onto my back.  This was more challenging than it sounds.  Eventually I managed.  Next I was instructed to do 5 reps of deep squats.  It went… Okay (meaning I managed to get it there with help and without falling on my head).  The next exercise with the slosh pipe was 5 overhead presses.  That was interesting to say the least.  I wish I had some video.  It would have been quite entertaining I’m sure.  The last exercise, not including putting this thing back down, was to do 5 walking lunges.  This was the most incredibly challenging thing I think I’ve ever done! (Besides giving birth.)  A part of me can’t wait to do this again.  I’m not sure if that’s purely for entertainment or for the goal of improving core stability and strength.  Either way, I know it will be worth it.

Strength Conditioning consisted of 5 x 8 pull-ups.  I’m still on the black band.  Kirk instructed me to go down in resistance and work on fewer reps.  But the other instructor (I’m so horrible with names, Greg? Craig? SO SORRY!) told me I still had to knock out the same amount of reps, but with more sets.  I managed 3 or 4 pull-ups with the green band (a step down from the black band, or up depending on how you are looking at it).  Then another 2. Then 1.  Then I said, WTH! and grabbed the black band.  5 sets of 3 would have been fine, but not 30 sets of 1 and 2.  Remember there’s a recovery/rest time in between.  Because once you hit failure there’s no way you can continue to knock out reps without a rest period.  We’d have been there all freakin’ night!

Now it’s WOD time! go here

read more 10 to 1 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls and Renegade Rows


10 to 1 means you do a set of 10 of each exercise.  Each set after drops by a rep until you reach your last set of 1 rep each exercise.

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls feel SO very natural to me!  I’ve never been one to like upright rows, but I guess with the momentum it makes them more natural – less irritating to my traps.  But of course the sumo deadlift is one of my most favoritist moves in the whole wide world! :)   BRING IT!

My first set of renegade rows started out great!  By the last rep Greg (sorry again!) says, “Oh, you aren’t supposed to do the push-up in between every row”.  SO NOW you tell me…..  I finished my last row with 20 push-ups (real) instead of 10.  As Carl would say, “overachiever”.  But, I PROMISE it wasn’t on purpose!  Of course that burned me out pretty quickly for the remainder of sets.  I think I managed about half of my next set in real push-ups (4 or 5 reps) before resorting to my knees.  The reps from each set at that point dwindled down until I was doing all my push-ups from my knees.

Every time I’d make it back to the sumo deadlift high pulls I’d be exhausted, catch my breath, and knock them out.  My strength for the pulls remained steady.  I had picked a good weight at 65#, possibly could have added 10#.  Easy to say now. ;)   I might have slacked on the renegade rows with only 8#.  Although if you ask me today, my muscles are telling me otherwise.  My lats are ripe!  (I love that feeling!)  That deep you-know-you-worked-’em-feeling – not too sore, just ripe.

Oh, and my time – 20:36!  I quit caring at 8 and half minutes!

There were many times I caught myself comparing my abilities to “before”.  But Kirk’s comments about living in the past kept replaying in my head.

“Stop beating yourself up!! You can’t change the past – focus on the future!”


Tomorrow is an early WOD.

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