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Unleash the Caged Animal

I went heavier than I planned.  I’m sure that had to do with the fact I’ve been like caged animal for the last couple weeks – migraines and some nasty bug.  I spent 2 solid weeks reading updates and posts about everyone else and their workouts and training.  It was like hanging a big juicy piece of meat over me and then jerking it away as soon as I went in for the kill.  Just teasing me.

Here’s todays workout:

Sumo Deads
20 x 65
15 x 95
12 x 115
10 x 135
8 x 175
4 x 205
3 x 225

Surprised the hell out of me!  I thought, after taking so long off, 225 was my new max – lowered from my previous 260.  This makes me smile. :)

Cable seated single-arm row
15 x 10 kg
12 x 25 kg

Cable seated row v-bar
3 sets 10 x 40 kg with 3 sec hold

Superset lat pulldowns w/ walking lunges to help with the fatigue

Lat pulldowns
15 x 50 kg
12 x 60 kg
12 x 60 kg

DB walking lunges
12 (each leg) x 15 lb DBs
12 (each leg) x 15 lb DBs
12 (each leg) x 15 lb DBs

Hammer Curls
15 x 7.5 lb
15 x 12.5 lb
15 x 15 lb

It sure feels good being back in the gym.  Game on!

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