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Trusting My Inner Cave Woman

We all know the true definition of “diet”. But in case you don’t, it goes something like this – “food and drink regularly provided or consumed”. So you see a diet is merely what you eat. I think this word carries a negative connotation. When I hear the word “diet” I instantly think “calorie restriction”.

I’m going to say I’m going back to my roots with my diet. Not to be confused with calorie restrictions. Let’s be real with this for a minute… or two. If all the grocery stores, food suppliers, and fast food restaurants disappeared from this Earth, what would we be left with? Oh, and let’s say we also lost electricity and any kind of power. And to top it off, let’s forget we knew anything about farming or cooking. What do you think we would eat?

I’ll cut to the chase, because I’m just sure if you know what the word “diet” means you will also know where I’m getting with this. I would eat anything that nature could provide me. Humans are omnivores, eating from animals, fruits and vegetables. I’ll speak for myself when I say I’m human.

In this past week or so the theme that has followed me the most, if not chased me down and sat it’s big fat butt on me, was “TRUST YOURSELF”. Like always, I struggled with this. I gathered my information, or in some cases RE-gathered my information, I talked with people who had different ideas than the “normal” people. I questioned and questioned some more and then…. I thought… it really IS about trial and error. I have done all the gathering I need at the moment. I’ve pieced together all the information using common sense, and now I’m saying to myself, “it really is time to trust myself”. I’ve learned that there’s no harm in the questioning and gathering and so on, it’s when I get stuck in that mode that it becomes detrimental.

I believe that things happen for a reason, even the smallest insignificant things. I believe we are led to our answers through ways we can’t always explain. But if we aren’t listening for them, they will pass us by. Well, I believe that’s what’s happened yet again and I’m acting on it. I heard it, now I’m going to see where it leads me. No more questions…. for now. It’s time for good ol’ trial and error.

I went for a 2nd opinion after being referred to another Doctor that seemed to have more experience and knowledge. I was totally disappointed in our visit. Half way through the “exam” I found that I was in need of some time to process what I was feeling. There was something that didn’t sit well with me, but I couldn’t quiet myself well enough to tune into what it was. Later I put it all together and long story short, I disagree with her methods, ideas and beliefs. I’m sticking to my 1st choice. I’m also more confident in my Dr. now. So that’s a bonus.

But what happened when I left was interesting. One of the assistants, young fit male, says you need to try the Paleo Diet. I tell him, “yeah, heard of it, done it, I get it.” I think to myself, “I don’t need another freakin’ diet!” This “diet” was not new to me. When I got home I started looking for the book – just to freshen up on the idea. So I’m reading the book and BAM! In a flash I had a thought. In the month of March I actually began feeling good. I felt amazing! On top of physically and mentally feeling renewed, I saw my blood pressure come down. I was eliminating twice a day! The only complaint I had at the time was I remained slightly fatigued – thyroid dysfunction to blame, I’m sure. Towards the end of the month I started regressing. By the time I saw my Dr. again, I felt like crap and actually felt worse! She asked if anything had changed, but I couldn’t remember anything changing.

In that flash I had while freshening up on the Paleo Diet, I remembered I had cut out all my grains, dairy and peanut butter. Toward the end of the month, when I started feeling worse again, I had remembered I had slowly added my dairy and peanut butter back. By the beginning of April I had also added my grains back. It was my “diet” that had changed both at the time I was noticing improvements and at the time I was noticing symptoms returning and worsening.

In the month of March, without intentionally going on another “diet”, I was identically following the Paleo Diet. What had led me to this change in diet in the first place was all the consistent information I was finding on adrenal burnout and hormonal imbalances. I’ve read tons and tons of hormone books by this point in my recovery. There is one common denominator in them concerning diet. Eat no grains and no dairy.

Notice I didn’t say, “cut out all your carbs”? Most people think if they shouldn’t eat grains or dairy, and they of course shouldn’t eat sugar, then they are cutting out their carbs. This is so false.

Now let’s go back to my questions about what you would eat in nature if you were removed from society and everything you had ever known. Would you eat grains? Oats? Wheat? Ummmm… have you ever seen what grains look like before they make their way to your bowl in the morning, or on your sandwich at lunch?


(Have you ever wondered why so many people are allergic to dairy, peanuts, gluten, and grains?  I don’t know… seems a little too coincidental to me.)


Wheat barley Oats


Tell me, if you happened upon some of these popular grains raw in nature, would you gnaw on them? And if you did, would you go back for more??


I almost didn’t post this, but you know what else I did this weekend? I watched a wonderful movie, Flipped, with my kids in hopes they would learn valuable character building lessons. Instead I walked away learning those character building lessons for myself. The message that kept being relayed to me was, “stand up for what YOU believe in and be yourself no matter what others think”. Perfect timing considering my theme for the last few weeks has been “trust yourself”. I sure would have thought but the age of 35 I would already have this figured out. I’m beginning to notice from others, this is one that most of us continue to learn. I hear the message and I know it, but I’m not living it fully yet. Life is a process, aye?


With all that said (there had to be an easier way, right?), I’m putting more trust in myself regardless of the countless others that will argue and disagree with me. What you do with your health is your choice. What I do with mine is now more solidified with me as MY CHOICE. I’m choosing to take the grains and dairy back out of my diet, as well as the peanuts and any other food that I couldn’t eat raw in nature. I’m going to start blogging on how eating what my body was designed to eat affects me.


I KNOW I’m going to get shit from this… and I don’t care. J This is MY life to live and I’m seeing this more and more every day.



Great read. Personally, I was leaving a lot of fruits out of my diet bc i was scared of the sugar. But, alas, i had to create a fruit platter for an event and ended up w/ a lot of left over fruit….and my body needed it! So now, I’m going to add a bit more berries and melons to my diet, and aim for fruit that are naturally in season.

Jacque, I’ve found the same to be true with fruits. I tolerate them a LOT better than sucrose sugars.

Don’t take any shit from anyone! Eat what works for you! I also don’t eat grains and dairy – they cause havoc in my body.

Guess what? I’m starting a temp job tomorrow!

:) Good to see you are getting back on your feet!!!

T – I love this :) I don’t know who would read this and give you shit, but you are owning your body and your health and trusting in you, and I think it’s killer.

The only thing I’m going to give you shit for is that you could totally eat peanuts raw in nature ;) And ask a question because I’m curious and don’t know the answer – why are nuts in general excluded? Or is it just peanuts?


The peanut thing is confusing to me in that, yes, you can eat it raw, but it is said to be a legume, not a nut. So yes, it’s just peanuts, not “nuts”. It’s just another one of those things I’ve read over and over we don’t fair well with, and I think I’ve seen it with my migraines. That gives me enough reason by it’s self to not include it in my diet.

Stay tuned for my owning it on the physical side too. :)


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