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Time Flys When You’re Having Fun!

Time flys when you’re having fun, right? I haven’t been having so much fun with this whole weight loss process, but I hadn’t realized it had been over 2 months since last posting to my blog. So here’s a recap…

January I finally broke through the 200s. Not by much, but it happened. Since then I just teetered between 200 and 199, until this week. I couldn’t stand the guessing anymore with how many calories is too much or too less, so I purchased a Body Bugg. OH, I also have a PT – James. He also must have found me difficult to figure out and so suggested the Body Bugg.

It must have been a great idea, because last week I lost more than I have in one week – 3 lbs! I’m ecstatic about things finally moving again and being able to take my head out of it, mostly. ;)

My PT sessions are awesome! I love them and constantly have to remind myself I should stick to 2 sessions in a week instead of adding another one. I sometimes think I would enjoy 3. I always thought I pushed myself to new limits. Maybe to new limits but not to my full capabilities. I haven’t stopped amazing myself with what I REALLY can do – ie., 180 lbs on leg extensions after already completing 3 sets, or pulling off 3 sets of 24 push-ups.

On the hip/back issue, I’ve found out I could have been working on becoming fully recovered these last several months. I saw a physical therapist about it. She imformed me the problem lies with an imbalance in the glutes and transversus abdominals. My hip flexors are too strong therefore pulling my hip out of place. So the “pain” I feel in my back isn’t really an injury, just the consequence of my hip being out of alignment. Until I get this imbalance corrected, I’ll have to deal with it.

I’m feeling great and positive, but hoping I can go at least a month without another slow time, as far as weight loss progress. My stats for the month of March make me smile though.

Stats for March
Weight progress – starting 200.8 / ending 196.6
Total inches lost – 5.75″
-0.5″ quads (23″)
-0.25″ upper quad (25″)
-0.5″ neck (13.75″)
-0.5″ bicep (13.75″)
-0.25″ forearm (11.25″)
-0.25″ wrist (6.5″)
-1.25″ chest (could this be partly from back fat?) (41.75″)
-0.5″ shoulders (44.5″)
-0.75″ waist (34.25″)
-0.25″ abdomen (38.75″)
-0.75″ hips (43″)

April here I come, owning it all the way!

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