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Then and Now – breaking down walls

This one is dedicated to @Coco.

I felt SO good with my workout last night! I left just knowing that I’ll be back in the game before too long. I finally came to terms with letting go of what others think I should do, or where I should start, and I just went with it. Trial and error is working for me. I used to be terrified to try something before I KNEW it would work. I feel like those walls are breaking down more and more this week. It started by making the MISTAKE of toning down one of my earlier workouts. My thoughts were that, this was one of my first workouts training for my last competition a year out. My strength and endurance, although great, would have been lesser at that time. I also felt if I could start there and knock off a lot of weight and sets, I could hang. I love working splits, so I gave it a go. What I found was it was still too much.

Let me help paint the picture a little more clearly. Here’s the difference in my “killer weenie workout” from last week that put me out for the whole week and last night’s perfect workout.

The weights were challenging but not to failure.


Set 1 – 10 x 65 lbs
Set 2 – 6 x 95 lbs
Set 3 – 6 x 95 lbs
Set 4 – 25 x bar

Lying Leg Curls

Set 1 – 20 x 40lb
Set 2 – 10 x 50 lb
Set 3- 3 x 40 lb hold for 3 sec.

Sumo Dead Lift

Set 1 – 10 x 115 lb, 10 x 95 lb, 5 x 115 lb
Set 2 – 10 x 115 lb, 10 x 95 lb, 5 x 115 lb


Set 1 – 10 x 50 lb, drop 10 x 40 lb, drop 10 x 20 lb


Now here’s what this workout USED to look like:



Set 1 – 10 x 95 lb
Set 2 – 10 x 115 lb
Set 3 – 6 x 135 lb
Set 4 – 6 x 155 lb
Set 5 – 25 x 65 lb
Set 6 – 25 x 65 lb

Lying Leg Curl

Set 1 – 10 x 60 lb (last 3 reps negatives)
Set 2 – 10 x 70 lb (last 3 reps negatives)


Set 1 – 15 x 30 lb, 15 x 20 lb, 15 x 30 lb
Set 2 – 15 x 35 lb, 15 x 35 lb, 15 x 35 lb


Set 1 – 10 x 60 lb, drop 10 x 40 lb, drop 10 x 20 lb
Set 2 – 25 x 30 lb, drop 25 x 20 lb, 25 x 10 lb

Keep in mind, this was a very early training session in my career. They only got heavier and tougher from here.


AND, here’s what I felt perfect with last night:


Sumo Deadlifts

Set 1 – 20 x 95 lbs
Set 2 – 15 x 115 lbs
Set 3 – 12 x 135 lbs

Wide Grip Pull Downs

Set 1 – 20 x 30 lb
Set 2 – 15 x 40 lb
Set 3 – 15 x 60 lb

SUPERSET w/ bulgarian squats (body weight)

Set 1 – 15
Set 2 – 12
Set 3 – 12

Cable Flies

Set 1 – 30 lbs x 15

SUPERSET w/ pushups

Set 1 – 12 pushups

Finished with a single set of 12 pushups


There’s a big difference there you have to admit. Some of you are probably even giving me a virtual bitch slapping right about now. But I HAD to do it! I had to try this. And by making that mistake I learned where I need to start – exactly where I need to start. By doing this more and more (duh, right) I’ve lost the fear to TRY things, and can now see that time is actually spared instead of “lost”. I used to spend weeks (if not more) debating on whether or not to try something in fear I’d lose precious ground. HA! That’s funny to think about now. Since my weight is back up so much.

It’s been challenging, as you know, for me to go from what I USED to do to what I’m able/must to do now. But, the ONLY thing I’ve taken a step back on is my weight gain. Everything else I’m taking steps forward. In the grand scheme of things, “everything else” is what really matters in life.

I LOVED my workouts before. I MISS them now! One day I’ll be back to them, this I know. But smarter. This time I’ll be running on FULL and not EMPTY!


Where’s the weenie workout? Serously, I do squats with 20 lbs dumbells. I guess I’m an uber-weenie!

LOL, Coco. I’m saying the workout I THOUGHT I was weenifying turned out to be a killer workout. To me, there is a big difference between the original workout and my current workout. To ME it seems it should be a weenie workout, but it’s not. And your 20 lbs is relative. ;-)

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