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Testing! Hope I Pass… OUT?

I’m dieing over here.  I’ve taken the last 2 1/2 weeks COMPLETELY OFF!  And I feel as if I were training for the Olympics!  I’m fighting what I feel might be depression – still… what is that anyway?  I’ve been so exhausted.  The part that is killing me is as I “recover” I’m gaining weight and feeling like I’m not recovering at ALL!  I can’t fit into my gym clothes, so any thought of wanting to workout quickly vanishes as soon as I put my gym attire on.  At this point I’m not even sure how I feel.  Let me try to jot it out here…..

I feel like I WANT to be in the gym, but I have no energy.  It’s not mental – I’m so tired.  I have lots of WANTS, yet I can’t muster up the motivation nor the energy to do them.  I don’t even want to EAT!  The other day my daughter asked me to come outside to play with her, yet I’m barely able to drag my limbs around.  I felt horrible.  All of my decisions are based on…. “I’m so tired!”  I’m SO sick of this!!!

Wah, wah, cry, cry… right?  Well, I’m doing it anyway.

I sent off my saliva tests that will check for any hormone imbalances.  Or get this… a cortisol deficiency??  I found that interesting.  My Dr. should have the results in less than 2 weeks.  And today, I had my blood drawn for SOME of the tests she wanted.  They want to rule out anemia now.  Then my mom tells me my grandmother had it and it was hereditary?  Again… interesting.  She’s also checking the thyroid system.  I’m going to enunciate that because most Dr’s check for only the specific thyroid gland function, not the system as a whole.  Even more interesting.  The blood tests should be in next week sometime.

My temperatures have been …. sorry… very interesting.  She’s got me monitoring them 3x a day.  This weekend I celebrated my daughter’s bday (a few times) with cake and pizza.  What I noticed was my temperature was higher on days I had sugar.  On other days it ranges from 96.4 to 97.7.  Makes me wonder if I crave sugar because it temporarily fixes a problem – low body temps.  Never mind I gain 7lbs over night.

So long story short, I’m sitting here anxious, exhausted and did I mention… interested?

I’ve got some cardio/strength training planned for tomorrow.  I bought 4-15 gallon trees.  Someone is going to have to dig the holes.

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