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Week 1 – Leg Day

DB turning step ups 3×10 (10#, 15#, 15#) DB single-leg DL 3×15 (15#) DB walking lunges 3×10 (10#) butt kicks w/resistance band 3×15 cable hip abduction 3×15 reverse calf raises 3×10-12 As much as my head wanted to take over I had to listen to my body.  My inner thighs were beginning to cramp on


My “Soul of the World” Speaks & I Listen

It’s hard to think that there’s not a reason I ended up with adrenal fatigue, even if I was one that didn’t have the belief system that “all things happen for a reason”. I haven’t posted a blog yet, but I’ve chosen my word of the year for 2011. I contemplated several other words; healing,


2/8/11 Sleeping More = Crashing Less

I think I’m starting to see a direct link between my sleep and my crashes early in the day. The nights I get a solid 6 hours of sleep I’ve noticed a 2 hour prolonging of energy before crashing. There are some things I can do to help in getting that sleep I so desperately



I totally bought this Vitamix to make green veggie smoothies and drinks. Me and my kiddos are sitting around this week snowed in and bored out of our minds!  My daughter was wanting something “sweet”, so I got my new toy out to take a stab at my first dessert! In under 5 minutes I

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