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Starting Out in 2008

Sooooo, it’s 2008.  I go into this year with 9 months left to hitting my goal.  Thinking about how quickly, 3 months went by and what I accomplished IN those 3 months makes me very nervous of what I will accomplish in “only” 9 months.  (which actually comforts me because I KNOW I’ll MAKE this happen!)   A lot of learning took place in those 3 months, so I’m hopeful any plateaus won’t throw me off by that much.


My back is still injured so no running yet for me.  I’m a little bummed that I possibly will not have enough time, if at all, to train for the 10k I had planned to run with my brother and dad.  But, I’ve come to accept this okay.  I’m working with my chiro to resolve my back issue, and he is adamant that I will recover just fine.  I know I’ve read that my type of injury can take up to 6 months to heal, if not longer.  I’m at month 4.

With that being said, I’m confined to using my elliptical for cardio and HIIT.  I’m having trouble coming up with anything more creative for exercise right now.   The elliptical get’s very OLD very quickly!  In the summer I’ll have access to our pool, but that won’t help me now.  I can’t jump or jar my back, so most other exercise is off limits.  If someone has some creative ideas, I’d be open to hearing them – very open to hearing them.  My mind is in a rut right now.


With the boredom of the elliptical setting in it makes digging deep for that self-discipline much more of a must.  I have to remember that, because last week I slacked on that end of my exercise, while I still enjoy my circuits.  I’m going to do what I must to hit goal this year – this will be the most amazing year ever for me – I’m sure of that!


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