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I joined DietBet the other day. I signed up for Run You’re A$$ Off bet.

For those of you not familiar with DietBet, it looks pretty fun. Losing weight for money can be fun and a way to motivate yourself. I would typically tell you this is a negative way to lose weight, but some people like a challenge. As long as you keep your thoughts centered and don’t get consumed with the $$ end of it – just have fun. I’m personally using it to get the ball rolling. I’m finding myself stuck in the trap of “I know I should, but I just don’t wanna.” One thing I’ve learned with metabolic damage and regaining the weight is that I have a lot more acceptance of my body (not to be confused with 100% acceptance). I struggle with motivation and because of so many years with so much strictness I find myself rebelling. I digress. Once I get going I always feel better and usually don’t have a problem keepin’ on a healthy lifestyle track. It’s SO not about the money – I don’t need it.

So back to how the site works. It’s simple. You find a game you want to join. Then pay your bet. I paid via paypal. Each bet lasts 4 weeks with the goal of losing 4% of your bodyweight (I don’t like the % method, like Biggest Loser, but I’m not doing this to make sure I win). Those who hit the goal of 4% loss win the pot. If more than one person hits the goal they split the pot. God forbid you go up against a group of men! ;) Each game has its own unique amount to bet – my particular game was $10. We have over 200 people signed up. That makes our pot over $2,000. You can sign up to an existing game or you can create your own. It’s really quite simple.

Here’s a list of upcoming games.

The Rules

2 days before your game begins you’ll be asked to give your starting weight. You also must provide a smartphone photo of your weight (while you’re on the scale) and a full body shot of yourself, taken in a full length mirror or by having someone else take your photo. These photos are only used by DietBet personnel to document authenticity. You don’t have to worry about everyone seeing them. No cheating!!! ;)


I just realized… I weigh in tomorrow!! Let the games begin!

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