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Return of Crossfit

Okay, I lied.  Although I still think I’m going with the flow.  A couple workouts later and I’m just not digging the slow reps.  As a matter of fact I’m not digging traditional workouts anymore.  *gasp!* (I almost hated to admit that.)  I quit crossfit because I couldn’t afford it, plus I hated that I didn’t have a say in my own workouts.  I didn’t quit because the training didn’t make me feel good.  Actually they made me feel excellent!  Why did I ignore that?

I talked with a crossfit friend yesterday.  I told him I was little confused on how to gain strength while still using crossfit style workouts.  He was confused by my concerns, saying, “I think you’re thinking too much.”  Who ME!?!?  HA hA!

But then he says, “I don’t think in terms of muscle groups. I think of overall performance fitness.“  Between this comment and RC’s comment from last week, “What’s more important the PL or getting in a groove with your energy, fat loss?”  I just started thinking… I feel more energy when I WOD than when I’m strictly strength training.  I’m starting to feel like the powerlifting goal is getting in the way of my primary goal – regaining energy and fat loss.  I’ve already come to the conclusion I’m not losing strength.  So what’s the flippin’ rush or confusion for?  I think part of the confusion was that if I don’t belong to a box and I had to join a regular gym, then crossfit was automatically out.  I’m not sure where that common sense came from, but it’s definitely not the case.

As a matter of fact here’s 50 free home WODs.

As long as I feel revitalized after these workouts, and I’m meeting my goals, it doesn’t make sense to do something else.

February 2, 2012

Strength – Chest Press
WARM UP – bar x 15
WARM UP – 65 x 12

WORK SET – 95 X 10
WORK SET – 115 X 3
WORK SET – 125 X 3

RENEGADE ROWS x 10 (15 lbs)


My stop watch quit working, but time average time from start to finish was 8 minutesish.
I haven’t sweat like that in a long time.  I think I’m going to have fun with this.  I mean REAL fun.  :)   Time shall tell.

“Appropriate exercise boosts your energy and your sense of well-being. And while some muscle soreness is normal, you should experience energy, mental focus, and a good mood during recovery periods between workouts.”  ~Dr. Travis J. Elliott

I’m finding my groove. 

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