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Red Light! Green Light!

Welllllll….. where do I start?

I had my last Dr. appt. at the end of last month. I was hopeful of getting my thyroid treatments, but instead she changed nothing. I was totally disappointed, but she made her points clear. Main point being she wanted to give the adrenals a little more time to get stronger before moving forward with the thyroid treatments. I get it. Later that week I called her and pleaded my case – If she could give me until the end of next month it would be a solid 2 months of feeling better with no crashes, which was a sign of strengthening adrenals. She agreed! YAY!

Since then she ordered an EKG to ensure I had a healthy heart that could withstand the ramping up of my metabolism, and I’ve had to take my body temperature every day, 3x a day to get an average for each day. This will also be a way we monitor the affects of the T3. (Find a physician qualified/educated in treating Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome) Today I received word that the EKG results were good! My heart is strong and healthy! It’s a green light for thyroid treatments on the 25th of this month!

Part of me is a pessimist thinking the worst – “surely I didn’t struggle the last 3 years with weight loss because I had hypothyroidism, did I? And surely it can’t be that ‘easy’?” The other part of me is optimistic, “I could lose ’9-40 lbs’ just by correcting THIS issue because I already eat clean! I don’t do anything that would cause this weight gain or tough weight loss.” I have heard some of the symptoms from people that suffer from hypothyroidism, such as being tired all the time, having a low body temperature, etc. It sounds ALL too familiar. It only makes sense that it’s as real as the lab results made it to be.

Because I’ve had to monitor my body temps so closely, it’s been interesting to see the correlation between how I’m feeling and how my temps run. For instance, a few days ago I could hardly wake up after a good night’s sleep. I hit snooze until it was time to leave the house to take my daughter to school (Yeah, bad mom award on that one). When I got home I struggled to keep my eyes open until my morning temp reading at 10am. It was 96.6! I wondered if that was the reason I was SO tired, more than usual.

I then gave in to a nap. After about an hour, I found myself waking with ease. I woke with somewhat of a natural awakening. I took my body temp – simply out of curiosity and I’m just a nerd – and it was 98.1. I felt tired, but SO much better in comparison. There’s no wonder my thyroid is “slightly enlarged” – it’s working overtime with these constant fluctuations. My body is really going through hell internally. (Externally too, but who’s paying attention?)

Which brings me to my hormonal situation. My hormones are still in the very low range. I noticed the week I saw my Dr. for our follow up last month that some of my positive symptoms were diminishing. Another week later I felt I was reverting to a loss of libido (DAMN YOU HORMONES!), confidence, calmness, and mental clarity, as well as a worsening of symptoms, including: severe irritability, depression, lack of self-confidence (irrationally), anger and a feeling of wanting to isolate myself (a big reason I haven’t been posting) and not be touched. It has been annoying and frustrating for me. I can only imagine how frustrating this is to the people around me. I could sense all these things occurring but couldn’t control them. Now it is taking me extreme focus to control myself.

Again, my curiosity has me wondering if the thyroid could also affect other hormonal imbalances. It regulates metabolism so it would only make sense that it plays a role in it. For the time being, she’s upped my dose of progesterone and has made comments on planning to add a form of estrogen (estradiol or estriol) when I see her on the 25th.

I will divulge my weight at this time, even though I’m still getting reassurance from everyone – “you still look great” – I sure don’t feel great.

BTW – I think EVERYONE should read this book! Stay Young and Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Science Explained. I’m still in the first few chapters but the amount of eye-opening information in here is RI-DICULOUS! A MUST READ!!!

I have begun my workouts again. I strength train 1 or 2x a week now. I’m handling it pretty well. But then again, I’m EATING now-a-days! Cardio is on and off and depending on how I feel. I’d like it to be more consistent but I’m still working on it. I miss my strength training much more than cardio, so it’s hard when I’m tired to motivate myself to do something I don’t enjoy as much. Although, I’ve already promised myself I’m learning to box when I get through this. J Yeah, buddy!


I’ve been wondering about you! Good to know you’re making progress, finding answers and getting green lights!

We’re getting there!

Yes, we’re getting there. I’m determined even if the ride will be far bumpier than I ever wanted. :)

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