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Recieved Peaking Program

9 Days left, not to include what’s left of today.  Oh, and I need more water be right back… Okay. SO much on my mind, and there’s almost so much on my mind I can’t even think about it all.  If that made any sense.  On top of that peaking weak has my head spinning.

I got my peaking plan today.  I’m so overwhelmed by it and really I think it’s just because I wasn’t expecting something so specific, detailed and precise.  Not after the last 10 months have been so loose on “rules”.  My focus has only been on macros.  I took the initiative to cut out things Mark had told me and things I knew just weren’t great for my metabolism, such as the yeast factors I have – breads and dairy.  But it almost feels like peaking week should have been partly what I was doing all along.  If I’m going to watch macros, should I also be counting sodium intake?  I know this was a topic at one point and my nutritionist wasn’t concerned, so I suppose I’m thinking too much… again.

The last 2 weeks, after hijacking my nutrition, or going “rogue” as Joe is calling it, I was able to come down to 150 lbs.  The last 3 days I gradually climbed back up to the top range of 151 – almost 2 lbs.  What I noticed, after answering a simple question “what are your calories”, was that I had let them slide back down to 1300 calories (yesterday was logged wrong with the intentions of higher cals).  I asked myself why and got the response, “because I was scared.”  Scared of?  Scared of the progress haulting.  And guess what happened by lowering my calories?  Is it coincidence that I dropped my calories and my weight went up?  Who knows, but the fact is, there was no real reason to drop them in the first place.  Fear is SO not a reason!  I sent Joe my logs, as requested so he could finish designing my peaking plan.  I love that he is using my current diet – the higher calories.

The first thing I notice on his plan is the precise nature of it compared to the last 10 months with him.  The detailed feedback he is requiring from me day-to-day has me feeling secure.  And I find the day of the show almost overwhelming.  Lots of prep work to be done and this is make it or break it time.  Although, with the level of fat still remaining I wonder just how much this will all help.

Macros are laid out for the week prior to the show.  I am to email him daily with weight, how I look, and what and when I ate last.  He said we may make changes depending on how my body is responding, especially towards Friday.  Food is precise for the day of the show.  He said we will be staying in contact all day in order to make any changes.  I’m to bring extra food with me in preparation for any changes.  A list of extra food include all the normal food; rice, chicken, etc.  And then the “extra” food; Gatorade, pizza, muffins, candy bar, etc.  So one thing on the list, rice cakes, I’ve never eaten.  Don’t know how to select them.  He has instructed me to have my Morton Light, peanut butter, honey and protein bars, such as Supreme bars (YUM!).  This reminds me of when we used to go camping.  My dad would tell us to pack to be prepared for ANYTHING, even if the chances were slim to none – I successfully walked away with this lesson.  And here it is again.  Feels…. homey.

Sodium is methodical as well.  I found an article written by him about this topic.  I found it VERY interesting.  Saved it for future reading and to share with my buddy, Mark.  I think he could benefit from this information.  From what I understand, simply put, when you cut your sodium to low levels the body begins to reserves it.  I assume this would be similar to cutting back anything else – water, fat, etc., the body wants to hold on to it.  I think the moral of the story here is the body isn’t as stupid as you may think.  Why do we think we can trick it so easily?    Okay, so anyway… it only takes one day of cutting sodium for your body to figure out it’s low and begin to hold on.  And with sodium retention comes water retention – sodium ions attract water.  Basically, cutting sodium out, like most bodybuilders do, is not a great thing, but maintaining normal levels is crucial.  He had me take a look at my current levels of sodium, and even though we’ve discussed this before, my levels seem awfully high at about 3000mg a day!  So what if I lower that now?  Will I retain more water?  Will this screw with peak week?  (emailing this question now – sent)

Water is interesting.  Not in the fact I’ll be drinking more, but again, the specific approach with how and when to drink – sipping over a gallon and a half precisely measured out for each meal and between each meal.  I’m extremely curious now.

Cardio is a lot more laid back, and honestly, I’m looking forward to that.  Strength training is every day at 80% of effort.  Posing can be done daily.  I’ve been working on my walk…. in front of people, in between sets at the gym. :)   I’m feeling much better and more confident in that area.  YAY, before I looked…. awkward.

Could all these precise tweaks really be such a critical thing for me in the condition I’m in – higher BF%?  Guess we’re about to find out.  I’m taking pictures tomorrow morning – the last day of my diet prep.  We’ll see how dramatic the changes are by the end of peak week.  I’ll post pics in the morning.

It’s all about experimenting and having fun!  Let’s see what happens with this!

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