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Preparing My Lats & Delts for Competition

Moving on with my training here.  I’ve worked on adding size to my glutes which has turned out very well.  For someone that was always made fun of for the lack of having a booty, this makes me very happy.  I have to admit I actually stop while walking past a mirror and admire my new butt.  Although, now I’m turning my focus to my lats and some upper body imbalances.

January 27th, 2010

Years of improper form and bad habits have me missing part of my lat, so to speak.  It seems as though it’s been a vicious cycle as I went on compensating for the weakened muscle I was actually strengthening my left bicep, trap and front delt to the point that now these muscles are much more dominant in strength and size than my right side.  This really throws off my front relax pose.  ;)   I’m looking to improve my symmetry by correcting these imbalances.

I will spend another month focusing on my form, posture, stretching and deep tissue massage to strengthen and nourish the lat, rhomboids, and rotator cuff.  The tightened muscles have been starved of oxygen far too long.  More circulation to the weakened area as well as strengthening these muscles should allow for maximum results.

After a month I will post an updated picture to see what results my new program has yielded.  This has gone on for so many years it may take a lot longer than a month to correct, but my hope is the weakened muscles are lagging so far behind that they will thrive on the new routine.

Here we go!  Day one begins Monday.

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