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Phase II – Week 1, Day 2

Feel free to follow along. Don’t make me add a disclaimer (get clearance from your dr. first and all that!). Please be smart. If something hurts, STOP.

Phase I – Stabilization

This phase gets your ligaments and tendons prepared for higher volume. It will also help your nervous system adapt to higher demands.

WEEK 1, DAY 2  (Did you miss Day 1?)

Perform 15 reps of all exercises in a circuit fashion (perform one set of each exercise working down the list and then start over). Take no more than 30 seconds in between each exercise. 2 sets total (or 2 cycles).

15 reps Single Leg Floor Bridge

NOTES: Finish in the start position but don’t bring your leg all the way to the ground. Drive through your heels. If this is too hard for you start with both feet on the ground lifting your hips only.

15 Back Extensions

NOTES: Don’t hyperextend (Bending your back past this position). On your descent down, don’t come all the way down. Keep the tension in your glutes and lower back. Too easy? Hold a weight plate.

15 Seated Cable Pull-Downs (alternating sides)

NOTES: Keep your shoulder blades pinched. This may mean you don’t extend your arms as far as the pictures are showing.

15 reps Single Leg Alternating Dumbbell Rows (15 each side)

NOTES:  Think, pulling back with your elbows. Don’t strain your neck.

15 reps Stationary Lunge to Balance (both sides)

NOTES: Keep your heels down and chin tucked. Balanced leg makes a 90˚ angle. Start and Finish Standing on both feet.

15 reps Side Step-Up to Balance (both sides)

NOTES: Start and Finish standing next to the box.

15 reps Single Leg Hammer Curls

START OVER (one more time)

Exercises will remain the same for 4 weeks (2 x a week). Sets, reps, and training style will change. HAVE FUN!

If you completed this workout!  Post me a comment to tell me about it!

Living life healthy... says:

This looks great… I will keep you posted!!! I think this is just the kind of rountine I was needing. It’s similar to what I do know..just not as smooth flowing!!!

Yay! Except, I made a boo boo. Take out the cable chest presses. :) Those are the first day. (push/pull with core)

Steve Thomas says:

Tara, so glad you are getting back into this!! Good , solid workouts! Complete body coverage and a good set pace! You are on the way girl! I love that you are sharing this so others can benefit from your expertise!!
BTW, I did do the workout. I like it!!
Stay on top of it lady!!

Thanks Steve! You really did it!? Easy for you huh? I completed today’s and I’m continually surprised at how much I’ve “lost”. Although, I’ve like working on my stability. My left side has done all the work for my right side over the years and it’s time to correct some of that. Single legs exercises will be on my right leg. BIG difference!

Phase I – Week 2, Day 1 and 2 « T's Journey from Fat to Figure to Finding Herself says:

[...] add 3 sets to Day 2 [...]

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