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Peaking Calories – not so peaked

Just plugged in the macros for my meal plans on peaking week.  I’m losing at 1500 calories, I begin to retain water under this.  I’m not sure too if it’s a drop in carbs because I notice at 50 grams of carbs I begin to retain and slow down as well.  Not completely sure if it’s calories, carbs or both . Carbs drop to 50 grams today and then 3 days before show.  Calories are as follows:

Saturday – 1252
Sunday – 1316
Monday – 1421
Tuesday – 1373
Wednesday – 1305
Thursday – 1305
Friday – 1398

Saturday has me at 1369 source

My AVERAGE calories for the last 3 weeks has been at 1460 calories.  The 3 days I slowed my progress down I was at and under 1300 calories.  Maybe, just maybe, since my cardio is backing down that will help.  But, it didn’t matter those 3 days I also backed off of cardio check this out .

We SHALL see! click here

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