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One Stranger’s Feedback

I got some nice feedback today when I went to GNC to buy some protein. The salesman was impressed that I make sure to get my protein in often. He commented on how it feeds our metabolism and most don’t realize it. Then he asked me about my training, so I got into how and when I started. I told him about my 2 month bicep progress pic and how it just amazes me to see the difference. He then asked to feel my bicep. Okaaaaaay….. sure…. He acted impressed. I’m blushing now. As I’m leaving he says, next time you come in you’ll have to wear a tight shirt so I can see you better (I’m wearing jeans and a sweatshirt). I then tell him I still have a long road ahead of me before I go around wearing a tight shirt. He says, “You sure don’t look like it! You look like you could kick my butt.” Blush… Only I would blush when a guy tells me I could kick his butt. ;) Then he asks if I like working my legs out. Well of course I do; that’s my favorite body part. He says, “it shows, you have GREAT legs”. He could tell through my jeans?? Saweeeeet! I’d already bought my product so I don’t think most of it was BS he was feeding me just so I’d buy more. But either way, it was cool to hear from a stranger. :)

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You’re going to get to goal and have an absolutely incredible journey. An amazing, amazing, amazing journey. All you T!

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