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On Vacation While RC Feeds the Dogs

I mentioned in my Step Away from the Cookie post that I had some things on my mind.  One of those things has me engaging my force fields.  My clothes not fitting so well is trying to get in the way of my current goals.  While my goal for the next 2 weeks is to maintain and recover, RC has so generously asked to take on my tug-o’-wars, worries and stresses.  It’s like, going on vacation, sipping cocktails on the beach and all day massages while someone stays home to water the plants and animals and make sure your trash gets to the curb. 

Thankfully I’ve given RC my stress of my clothes not fitting and the worry of having to buy new clothes just to feel comfortable.  I’ve also given him the fear of people seeing me in public and thinking “wow, she’s gained since the show”.  Although, no one has seemed to notice I’ve gained.  I’ve actually got the opposite comments, “you look healthy”.  I was also sure to give him the fear, the stress and the worry of how hard and how long it will be before I’m back down.

And let me tell you!  Once I gave all that sh!* to RC, I was able to take one crappy comment I said to myself and turn it around to see the good in it. 

I was folding laundry and thinking about how I’m getting “fat”.  Yup, giving that comment and thought to RC as we speak.  Then I thought, “I’m so fat I’m back in my 8s!”  Hitting send at this very moment.

Ummmm…. *record screeching to a stop*  Let me just say that one more time.  I’m so fat I’m back in my 8′s???  WTF is that!?  Can the fat T step in for a second.  “Hi!  Remember me!  I weigh 250lbs and wear a size 22!  I can’t imagine ever being in a size 8!” 

Ohhhhh… It’s a glorious day to be “fat” AND in a size 8!  I never thought the day would even arrive that I would wear a single digit number.  Seriously, NEVER EVER… NEVER!

Truthfully… I’m not sure I would have even heard what I had just said if I hadn’t been giving all this sludge to RC.  So thanks a million, RC!  Thanks for allowing me to be fat in my size 8s while my uncle is not recognizing me and calling me a skinny b!*@*.  I see why you like these beaches so much now!

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