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Not just burned out – shutting down.

Test results in and they say it’s not just in my head, burned out, it’s my body shutting down.  A real time fatigue that needs healing and support.

Spent quite a bit of time at the Dr.s today.  I’m hoping one day I won’t have an irrational fear of those visits.  Basic news is there IS something going on biologically, which makes me feel so relieved to know it’s not just in my head and now I can resolve my issues.  My Dr. was able to pinpoint when I’m crashing and also nailed other symptoms I’ve had based on my results.

My DHEA levels are at normal levels, but I have lowered testosterone levels, I am significantly progesterone deficient (no ovulation), and even though my estradiol levels are lowered, my progesterone and estrogen ratios set me up for estrogen dominance.  My cortisol levels show to drastically drop around noon, instead of gradually drop as they should.  As a matter of fact they drop off the charts and remain there for the rest of the evening.  She said I probably have lowered energy levels at that time, and I actually tend to pass out or NEED a nap just to survive the rest of the day.  Just so happens it’s right at the time of the “crash”.  Anemia was ruled out, as well as any other infections.

On the thyroid matter, she went beyond a normal thyroid test.  She also tested me for RT3 (reverse T3).  Basically, the RT3 is meant to slow one’s system down in times of stress.  It does this in order to shut off any non-vital functions.  RT3 binds to T3 receptor sites and has a much longer life span than T3.  So my uptake of T3, according to my tests, is greatly reduced.  My RT3 tested at the top of the charts.  The bigger picture is pointing to a burned out adrenal system in need of support and balance.  Until then she doesn’t even want to address the thyroid issue.  She says you can’t treat the thyroid if the adrenals aren’t functioning properly.

IF my symptoms have improved within the next month I’m to have the tests again in 2 months to see how things have changed.  I’m taking all of my hormones (bio-identical) and adrenal support (herbs and vitamins).  She’s asked me to do my cardio more regularly because this WILL help.  ;)   But I’m assuming (of course I didn’t ask!) moderate cardio, no P90X. LOL!

SO anyway… that’s the low down.  A piece of mind for the New Year.  That’s always nice….  And of course Rock Band! :)

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