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New Nutritional Coach

I’ve hired a new nutritional coach for my last 3 weeks.  This time it’s a female.  And although I’m having a hard time putting trust in her, I’ve compared the choices.  1.)  Stick with what I’ve been doing  (I can hear Einstein already).  2.) Take a risk with a new plan.  Either way I see both are a risk.  1.)  I’ll just stay pretty much where I am.  I might lose a little more, but nothing significant.  2.)  I’ll pretty much stay where I am, OR I’ll get this show on the road!  It’s time to slow and quiet, to only listen to the voice that is true to myself.  It says, “option 2 sounds more appealing and promising.”

I’ve had a retired natural bodybuilder that has offered some input concerning the diet and why he would have me at hire cals, macros, etc.  He makes tons of sense, especially when I compare his notes with my own personal notes and what’s worked for me in the past.  He is super expensive though.  I told my husband maybe I can use my testimonial to help convince him to lower his pricing.  He’s getting ready to launch his online business and I could be a real asset to him. ;)   Then my husband says, “How about you use your own pictures as testimonial for YOU?”

So I did it.  I’ve hired myself!

As I move forward I feel more like I’m jumping off a cliff.  I told my husband at 3 weeks out, this is scary.  He says, “Just like all change, it’s scary.  You just have to do it.”  He’s so right.  I need to not be afraid of making a mistake.  That’s what a lot of my journey has been about, crushing that fear of being less than perfect.  And only then have I realized I grow.  Regardless of how this turns out, I’ll learn hugely, in more ways than one, by doing this for and by myself.

Research has commenced and is already over!  *pushes the easy button*  Analyzing (running a generated report) was very to the point, quick, and I feel confident with it – not a ton of thinking.  I know a lot of the variables that helped in my fat loss success in the past came from things I remember remembering to remember, “These things really work for me.” J  Yet somehow I forgot?  Nah, just didn’t trust.

Here it goes:

I went back in my Fitday logs looking for a stretch of time I was losing.  I found a time frame that had consistent losses, about 2lbs a week.  Unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  There’s a nifty report option in my program that helped me finally see this in black and white, left no room for my own assumptions or my crazy brain to start interfering.

The time period was from May 11th to July 9th.  In that time period I was able to lose 13lbs.  There were 2 weeks in the middle of this time (5/29 – 6/13) that I gained 4 lbs but my diary shows I was sick during this time and hormones were on the loose.  I was still having a cheat meal once a week, but all my carbs came from clean sources other meals.  My daily calorie burn was just above 2500 calories.  My calories averaged 1450-1500 – protein 155g (620), carbs 100g (400cal), fat 55g (495cal).   These numbers exclude cheat meal days and days with missing entries.

The plan is to mirror this time period (minus being sick!).  I’ve looked at the foods, the time eaten, etc.  Nothing too drastic or that much different than what I eat now – just MORE food and different cardio.  The only thing I’m going to change is the cheat meal.  No cheat meal.  I might add a higher carb day, but for now, no higher day, no cheat meal – just consistency.

I start the diet today and cardio plan tomorrow.  (pleeeeease let this work!)

Starting weight 154.8

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