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New Bench PR!

No rest for the wicked, right?

Back at it today.  First two sets of bench I just knew it was going to be ugly.  The bar felt double it’s weight.  95 lb was tough, 115 felt like 135 and then it was on to the “heavy” set.  I said 135, Mark spouts off with 140.  I thought… “what’s it going to hurt, he’s spottin’ me.”  So I went for it!  I knocked 2 out before he started assisting.

Maybe there’s a plus side to being heavier right now – I seem stronger in certain areas.  I suppose that could also be the fact I’ve had a good amount of time to REST and RECOVER!

We talked a bit about overtraining.  I think both of us have come to the conclusion that these lessons were hard, but good.  We both train differently than before.

Workout was something like:

15 x bar
10 x 95 lb
8 x 115 lb
4 x 140 lb (with 2 assisted at end)
20 x 95 lb

BB Front Raise
15 x 20 lb (3 sets)
10 x 4 with 5 sec rest 20 lb

Skull Crushers
15 x EZ-Curl Bar 35 lb
12 x 55 lb
8 x 85 lb (?? – can’t remember)
4-way – seated behind head, straight out, reg., and close-grip  (bar)

Giant – overhead press machine / rear fly machine / fly machine
15 x 25 lb / 15 x 25 lb / 15 x 30 lb
15 x 25 lb / 15 x 25 lb / 15 x 40 lb
15 x 25 lb / 15 x 25 lb / 15 x 55 lb
12 x 25 lb / 15 x 25 lb / 15 x 70 lb

Super Set – one-arm reverse-grip tricep pull-down / EZ-Curl reverse curl
20 x 5kg + 5 lb / 15 x EZ-Curl Bar only (2 sets)

Some of this holiday bloat is coming off, and although I’d love for even more to melt away (even faster), I’m okay and feeling pretty good.

Legs again Friday!  (If I’ve regained feeling in my legs by then!)

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