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My Story

Updating more completely soon with pics and videos (the one’s I’m brave enough to post)!

In the “beginning”, somewhere after getting married and having my first baby, I found myself 250 lbs.  Larger than I’d ever been.  Determined to get this weight off for good, I joined an online support group where I met some amazing people – some of which are life-time friends. 

Along the road I got into lifting; I LOVED IT!  This was where I belonged.  I just KNEW it.  This hobby quickly turned into a goal of competing in figure.  In which I spent the next 3 years training to compete.  I lost 92 lbs and entered my first competition in September of 2009.  Still not competition for the other ladies, I knew I deserved to be on stage.  I had earned that spot light. 

I struggled to lose weight, as it got harder and harder for me to lose.  In 2010 I reluctantly competed again, only losing another 10+ lbs that entire year.  I was called a cheater and accused of not following my plan.  As if the not losing wasn’t frustrating enough, I now had to deal with people doubting me.  Being called a cheat and a liar isn’t a cool feeling. 

Shortly after my last competition in September of 2010, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid also having a goiter.  I was actually in the middle of training for a powerlifting meet when my Dr. pulled the plug on me.  I was only 2 weeks out and fought the urge to just go through with the meet anyway. Recovery consisted of eating more and exercising less.  Couple that with hypothyroid and you can only imagine the results!

It’s been exactly a year (+ a few days) since I last competed.  I’m learning a ton about conventional dieting and exercise as well as where I went wrong in the competing lifestlye.  Although, dieting under 1500 calories for a solid 3 years, should have been a no-brainer.

With recovery I’ve had to teach myself how to eat again.  The last year of training for figure, I was on a 1200 calorie diet.  Even eating 1800 calories felt like I was pigging out.  I won’t lie, it’s still a challenge.  I’ve done a lot of research on diets, hormones, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.  Most all agree a grain-free diet rich in omega-3 is the way to go.  So I’ve also switched to organic grass-fed beef and adopted the Paleo lifestyle. 

I was depressed after cutting back on my weight lifting and style of lifting.  Literally, depressed.  When I finally decided to try crossfit I was through crashing (adrenals).  I felt it was time to do SOMETHING.  The coach, Kirk, had promised he would be looking out for me.  The most mind boggling thing to me was that these WODs (workout of the day) were leaving me with MORE energy than my traditional workouts that lasted 45 min. to an hour.  Mind you even though most WODs are less than 30 minutes and usually less than 20 minutes, the intensity is unmatchable.  I’ll be making crossfit my new home.

To date, I’ve gained back 60 lbs of my 110 lost.  I still can’t seem to get any weight off and it comes on more easily than seems natural.  It’s hard dealing with, but I hold on to the hope that I will help many more, including myself, in the end.  And maybe that “end” will be the true beginning!

I’ve met many women (and some men) that are dealing with this very common issue, as it turns out to be.  And I’m hoping to share what I’ve learned through my experience, and possibly even directly with information I come across.  Things may get a little controversial here.  But that’s okay, one can choose to do what they want with the information. 

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