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My Road to Recovery – Adrenal Exhaustion

It’s been a while since I blogged last.  Lots has happened, some of which I’m not able to speak of at the moment.  All of which has impacted my physical or emotional well being.

My test results came in and my Dr. read them to me.  “Adrenal Exhaustion” to say it simply.  I’m bouncing back and forth with acceptance and regret.  Was competing in the figure competition SO important?  Why couldn’t it have waited?    Kevin Myles says it perfectly in his Metabolic Burnout article,  “One of the biggest mistakes a competitor can make is trying to progress too fast.  For some reason we tend to think that everything must happen right now, all-at-once, as soon as we decide we want it.  What we forget is that our body simply does not work this way and never will.”

My Dr. has said I should start feeling better in a month, if not we will have to address my thyroid at that time.

She has prescribed a mulit-vitaim, b-complex vitamins, Iodine, omega-3, an herbal adrenal support w/pregnenolone and DHEA, low doeses of testosterone, progesterone and estradiol.  I will have follow up tests in 2 months, assuming I’m feeling better in a month.

Needless to say powerlifting has been nixed from my goals and activity list.  I’m devastated by that, because I was finally feeling mentally ready to get back in the gym.  The change up was nice and my focus was no longer on the scale… well, not NEARLY as much.  My Dr. has asked I do cardio.  She’s not being specific on this, just listen to my body.  Keeping in mind to check in with how I feel after wards… and be honest with what I’m hearing.

“Diet” is something I do need to focus on for the sake of HEALTH right now.  But on the opposite end of dieting to lose weight, I have to maintain a consistent source of nourishment to my body right now.  The problem is, I’m rarely hungry.  Years of dieting has slowed my metabolism down so much that my body has shut off my need for fuel in a way that I can really listen to this.  I believe a reset is in order.  I have found though, I tolerate smaller more frequent meals much better.  Of course, all this is related to the adrenal exhaustion.  It’s a mechanism within each of us designed to survive the famine!  The problem is we weren’t meant to stay in famine states for over 5 years!

I’m having some issues emotionally with having to cut back on my workouts, because for the longest I’ve accepted the way I’ve felt as “normal”.  Now that I’m aware and allowed to feel this way, I notice how I feel after workouts, emotional stress, no sleep, etc.  I still haven’t fully recovered from my deadlifts last Wednesday.

I wanted a place to journal my thoughts, feelings and experience with this.  So I’m making my “Road to Recovery” my online journal.


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