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More Practice With Studio Lights

I still think I need brighter bulbs, or 1 more brighter bulb (maybe 2).  I have 2-85 watt 5000k bulbs and 1-45 watt 5500k bulb.  Still having to set my ISO on no less than 400.  I got so sick of fooling with not having enough light (depending on the lens I was using) that I just put a diffuser box on my flash and went to town!

I’ve also started adjusting my settings based on my histogram, which is having me take the shot +1 over my on camera meter.  Did that make sense?  So I’m having to open my aperture more or slow down my shutter speed.  Overexposing some.

I know that on camera meters aren’t supposed to be as accurate as a handheld because it’s metering light reflected instead of light targeted at the subject.  Maybe this is why I’m having to adjust like this?  Maybe it’s time to learn how to use a new tool too.   LOTS and LOTS to learn.  I have 3 pretty cute subjects to practice on though… I’m not the one that’s complaining.

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