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Just Do It

Well, Christmas is over and so are my excuses for indulging in Holiday treats. I ate crap, but I didn’t binge by any means. The weight comes on easier than before, and so it did.


I have a few goals in mind; I just have to decide which one has more meaning to me, therefore a motivating force to drive it. I have a tendency to overthink things. I complicate the process so much that I spend my time thinking instead of DOING. Regardless of the specific goal, the result is consistent – losing fat.

I have several motivations, but my problem lately seems to be accountability. In my mind, I shouldn’t have to be held accountable to anyone but myself but for some reason I don’t want to take on that responsibility. No need to analyze it, over analyze it, or flip out. It just is. And really… I have to turn to one of my favorite logos for the solution to the problem…


just do it


“Fake it ’til you make it”, “Just do it”, “git’r'done”… whatever the saying the meaning is the same.


I have some goals to write down.

I have some meal planning to do.

I have some workout programs to design.

I have some obstacles to identify.

I even have a partner ready to workout with.



We are both in the same place. Love your ending focus on this post. I have about 40lbs I love to lean out to and really tighten this body up. My goal my 42nd birthday. I want to see ripples in places I never seen before and cuts too! So this weekend my goal is writing my plans and workouts. I have found a 51 year old body builder as my workout partner. She is ripped!

I love your goal! For now… I’m setting mine a little lower. LOL! But in the end, I want those abs too!

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