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Jumping Rope – Is It Really That Easy!?

How to Jump Rope – is what I googled this morning. What I got out of the article is, “Throw the jump rope over your head and when it meets your feet, jump over it”. I just knew it had to be harder than that! LOL, talk about making things harder than they are, that’s me.

So, here are the instructions for jumping rope for beginners. After you throw the jump rope over our heads and jump. You then “Repeat and see how long you can do it without messing up. As you practice, you will get better at timing. It might help to do a small hop in between jumps, count jumps, or chant a verse. As you learn to move the rope faster, the in-between hop will become unnecessary.

Taking the in-between hop out will be my next goal. I could do it just fine. It was sustaining it that was the challenge.

I jump roped 30 minutes last night in intervals. As my HR hit 175ish I would rest until it reached 150ish. Then I would start the jumping over again, until I reached 30 min.

I jumped with the above mentioned “in-between” hops. I jumped by skipping, also with the in-between skips. I did backwards hopping, criss crossing (occasionally), I turned in circles as I jumped, slowly, of course. I even did the hops without the in-between hop. Mostly… I had a lot of fun!

Maybe if I could have sustained 30 min. I would have burned more calories. But still, according to my BodyBugg I burned about 300 calories. My calves are a little sore today. No injuries though – yet.

At this point in life I’m making changes mentally and physically that really make me smile at myself. :)

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