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It’s a Hairy Decision

I made a risky decision tonight.  I purchased an intolerance hair analysis test from The Intolerance Testing Group located in Europe!  I’m feeling brave… or maybe that’s desperate?

Hair analysis is supposed to be (in this case) superior to blood tests for the main reason that your blood is constantly adjusting to maintain balance – it translates to life or death.  (And in this case it saves me a couple hundred dollars when compared to blood test that test for around 150 foods.)  Your hair, on the other hand, is a much more stable environment because the minerals it required to form remain “locked” there.  Here’s a snippet explaining Hair Analysis vs. Blood Analysis a little more:

A Cellular Reading
The site of metabolism is the cells. Blood is excellent for many tests, but does not measure activity directly at the cellular level. The blood is the ‘highway’ of the body. The cells are the chemical factories of the body.
The final destination for all vitamins, minerals, sugars, fats and hormones is the cells, not the blood. It makes sense to measure the cells directly to determine whether these substances are actually reaching their final destination.

For only $85 (plus shipping) they will test for 300 food and 300 non food items, and a free consultation with their nutritionist.  I don’t need that consult, but it’s there for the taking.  For only $10 more they’ll test for 80 nutrients including; vitamins, minerals, acids, carbohydrates, proteins plus fats and oils.  They also include an 80 page guide to these nutrients – daily requirements and which foods contain certain nutrients.  I added this for the vitamins and minerals mostly.

I’m tired of guessing at what I “should” and “shouldn’t” eat.  I suspect I have several intolerances to specific foods, and the adrenal fatigue exacerbated this.  If I continue to consume foods I am unknowingly allergic to it would be hindering any potential progress.   But… it’s time to put it to rest in my mind as well.  My food choices are dwindling very quickly.  I’m fearful of eating even a small amount of foods I suspect.  Fear of FOOD sucks!  HELLO!?  Maybe that’s another topic on it’s own.

And now we see how this pans out….

KCLAnderson (Karen) says:

Wow…this is fascinating. Let me know how it turns out…I may want to do this too.

If all goes well, I should have it completed and results sent back to me within a couple of weeks. They emailed me today, shipping “will only cost a few dollars as it is a small light envelope.” So, not much more $ and proof there are real life people working the emails? :) I’ll keep you posted!

What happened? i just ordered from them…

You can find my results here. I’ve also moved my blog to I have a TON to update, and I’ll be trying to make it easy to follow. It’s been hectic here so I’m trying my best to get blogs posted.

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