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I totally bought this Vitamix to make green veggie smoothies and drinks.

Me and my kiddos are sitting around this week snowed in and bored out of our minds!  My daughter was wanting something “sweet”, so I got my new toy out to take a stab at my first dessert! In under 5 minutes I had bowls of ice cream! I couldn’t believe it!

Here’s an excerpt from the Vitamix product description:

Simply add frozen fruits into your blender container with a bit of water or juice and allow blender to perform its magic. The rotating action of the spinning blades at it’s high speed, effectively refreezes the fruit in it as it grinds it to bits. The result is a dense, tasty and thick frozen concoction

It TRULY was THAT simple!!!

Here’s how to make it:

1 cup milk (I use Hood Calorie Countdown 2%)
1 scoop Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein (Vanilla)
1 cup dark cherries frozen (unsweetened)
1 cup strawberries frozen (unsweetened)

1.  Place ingredients in the blender.
2.  Start on Variable 1.  Turn on.  Quickly move from 1 to 10 and then to HIGH.
3.  Use tamper to push fruit into blade.
4.  Turn off when motor bogs down (or else your ice cream will melt)

I could NOT believe it was done that quickly OR that easily!  Amazing!  On top of that… it was so smooth, creamy and mmmm…mmmm…tasty!  What a healthy treat!!



I’ve also found out this thing even makes HOT SOUPS! Are you kidding me!?

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