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I AM an Athlete

“What does it matter what the scale says if you feel like shit?”


I believe everything is meant to be.  This weekend I was blessed to meet Aly, from RX Star.  What a motivational woman!  While I feel I stay positive most of the times, I will admit I’m guilty of falling backwards and needing a bit of motivation lately.  So of course when Kirk called me this weekend to come meet THE Master Mind behind RX Star, I felt it was meant to be.

Aly reminded me losing fat isn’t the goal, feeling good is. She’s right.  When I get on the scale it isn’t helping me in the least bit.  Stop slapping your forehead – you know who you are.  All of my focus has been on the scale – “things are looking up I’m not gaining”, “This sucks, I gained another pound, will I ever find my way out of this shit!?”  I’m not absolutely sure, but I’d bet there are even days that I feel like shit because I’ve seen the numbers on the scale go up or not budge at all.

So what makes me feel good?

Friday I posted this on Facebook – “Thinking about finding a 5k.  Desperately needing some goals like this.  Also seriously looking at a local xfit event in February.”  All I knew was running was something that motivated me.  I hadn’t thought about the reason behind it; I just knew it had always helped me.

Saturday Aly was giving me physical goals to get my mind on the right track.  I felt relieved already.  She took out all of the contemplating and thinking for me – put my mind straight into action modeAlthough, thinking too much is something I should tackle on my own very soon.

Here’s the plan:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • 4 rounds of 400 meter runs with 45 second rest periods.
  • 4 rounds of 21 kettlebell swings.  Rest for same time it took to complete each round.
  • My goal is to improve time each Monday – on a weekly basis.
  • Simple, effective, motivating and FUN!

After Aly gave me these goals, it dawned on me the reason I always loved running – it was a positive measurable goal.  The progress could be made fairly quickly, which kept me grounded and motivated.  These types of goals kept me positively focused.  There were no negatives like there are when watching the scale – gaining a pound or maintaining when you‘ve done “everything right”.  If you approach physical goals wisely the results are nothing but positive.  I mean, let’s face it, when have you ever worked on a physical goal and lost strength, speed or time?  Injuries not included. ;)

Aly added a little twist to my goals.  I’m no longer allowed to say “can’t” and “tired”.  The “can’t” doesn’t faze me because I feel I’ve already learned to limit this word to a minimum.  Erasing the word “tired” from my vocab is going to be a challenge… but one I’m ready to tackle.  If I a workout leaves me exhausted, I don’t focus on being “tired”.  I focus on all of the positive factors.  I’m optimistic by nature.  Pointing out the positives will be an easy way to shift the focus from “tired” to “I feel fantastic!”  Although I feel the real challenge will be avoiding this word throughout the day and/or before the workout.  I realize I can’t will my body to heal, but sometimes we really do get what we put out there.

In just a short amount of time, Aly has helped me see that the athlete I believe I am has stepped to the side lines.  I haven’t been thinking or acting like an athlete lately.  And maybe I’ve been getting further and further from who I know myself to be.  I think this is causing a lot of frustration, confusion and a feeling of being lost from time to time.  Sometimes I feel like I’m wandering aimlessly.  I just need to get my direction in focus again.  It’s time to live my truth again.  This was what I’ve needed to realize these last couple of months.

If you aren’t familiar with RX Star, get familiar!


i love this post. its just what i need to. i am going to challenge myself with not saying “tired” too! i, like you, am a positive person by nature so the can’t isn’t ever a word that leaves my mouth, but you’re right, focusing on the positive of a WOD would seem to have a much better affect than focusing on the exhaustion after (or in our case too, before) the WOD. thanks girl, just what i needed to read today!

ps. i am SO jealous you met Aly :)

Hey Katie! Eliminating that word from my vocab has definitely been challenging. The sprints actually left me with very little energy for the rest of the week, so continuing to refrain from that word was even tougher. But I was pretty impressed by my efforts. There’s been this weird balance between saying “tired” and listening to what it means and what my body is telling me. I think you’ll understand when I say, there’s a “normal” tired, and then there’s the GOTTA-LISTEN-TIRED.

Aly is an amazing woman! :)

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