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Okay, I think I’m back to blogging.  Lots of stuff going on, gone on, will be going on.  I feel like I’m in English class going over verb usage! 

Bear with me as I remodel my blog.  I had so many “do-over” blogs I consolidated them here.  What’s a “do-over” blog?  I was trying to continuously wipe the slate clean and start over, or keep my journal only to fitness and not include my many other topics in LIFE!  So made no sense and impossible to keep up with!   Although I did change my name –   Yes, I’m a bit insane at times.   But Strong… just describes me in all areas. ;)


I don’t know how many more times the theme or categories of my WP blog will change (oh, yes, the theme is definitely changing!), but this is my home, my live journal, daily blog, what’s happenin’ source – in all areas of my life.  I hope you will join me and in some cases REjoin me.


I’ll post an update of what’s been going on soon.  Till then… the short of it is…

Lost weight—> competed in figure—-> trained more—-> fatigued my body (and messed it up pretty good)—-> healed/ing—-> gained weight—-> losing again!  

There actually was very little life happenings in between… I discovered all my life consisted of was training.  Kinda like a baby – eat, sleep, sh*t.  Yep… that’s what it felt like.  Now I’m filling in the blanks!

Lots of emotional and well being stuff in there too.  You ever look back at your life, especially something you thought was the end of the world, and realize it may have been for the best??  Yeah… so here we continue.


There is no end, life is a continuous journey.  :)


Anyone know of a good clean, pretty, feminine, but not too cutsy theme for WP?

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