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Here We Go! 2011 Competition Prep Begins!

link I’ve been journaling, but I haven’t really been blogging.  I’ll post my individual journal entries from the competition on.

check this out 2 weeks post competition and I’m FAT!  I managed to maintain a 3lb gain the first week and after that all hell broke loose.  I didn’t continue but I couldn’t get what I had gained back off.  Although, I don’t suppose I really tried.  I just ate sensibly for a bit.  I’m tired of how I feel in my clothes and the image starting back at me in my mirrors, so it’s time.  Regardless… my body feels completely rested and ready for some activity again.

The scale is so disgusting I don’t even want to post it.  It’s barely better than last year’s post comp. weight, but I keep reminding myself it took me ‘til the end of October (October 27th) to get my shit together.  Hopefully MOST of this is water weight.  I’d be okay knowing less than half is actual fat gain.

article source Today I’ve been spot on with my plan, which looks like this:

Calorie cycling 40/30/30 ratios
Low calories – non-training days
High calories – training days
cardio 3 x 20 min per week

Week 1 – 1400/1600
Week2 – 1300/1500
Week3 – 1200/1400
Week4 – 1300/1500
Week5 – 1400/1600
Week6 – 1700

If I continue to lose at 1700 I’ll move up to 1800 calories.  Basically the idea is to hit a maintenance level for 2 weeks.  Then repeat the cycle visit web page .

go here Day 1 was supposed to be yesterday but things didn’t work out that way.  I’m taking a mulligan.

NOTE: This isn’t a pre-contest diet.  At least not what you typically see closer about 12 weeks before (super clean eating).  I’m thinking long term and living a bit while still getting the job done.  I have to sustain this for about a year without completely going crazy or caving in.

click the following article I’ll post my food log daily.


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