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Here Piggy, Piggy

This entire year I’ve been chasing a feeling of vitality that I momentarily experienced earlier this year.  I found an interesting lead today.  It’s possible my over the counter desiccated thyroid might have been the reason I had the best few weeks of my life.


A Glimpse of Vitality

Back in February my chiropractor (Dr. Welch), who’s almost like part of my family, convinced me to take a product he swore by for thyroid and adrenal health.  This product was Thyro Plus.  Thyro Plus contains multiple sources of desiccated tissue, including thyroid and adrenals.  I bought this product out of desperation, it was fairly in-expensive ($17 120 tablets) and I was under father-like pressure from my Dr. to take it.  I did not, however, buy this product with any confidence that it would help me.  My instructions were to take 2 tablets twice a day – morning and lunch.  And so I did.

I took Thyro Plus twice a day without fail.  I didn’t think much of it; I was just hoping it would somehow have an accumulative affect with everything else I was doing – avoiding coffee and sugar, eating lots of veggies and fats, taking multi-vitamins, adaptogens, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA.  Towards the end of February (about 2 weeks after starting the Thyro Plus) I noticed dramatic improvement in energy, libido, and bowel movements (2 and 3 a day!).  I gave credit to hormone supplementation, cutting coffee (and all other caffeine products) and eating more veggies (about a pound a day).

My energy levels started waning the 2nd week of March.  To the point that I had severe constipation, extreme mood swings, a return to fatigue and loss of libido (damn the luck!).  Yet in my mind nothing had changed.  I still couldn’t understand that what was so right was all of the sudden so wrong…  I was nitpicking every little change I had made but still couldn’t figure out what was different…. until now.


The ONLY thing that changed at that time was that I ran out of Thyro Plus.  Could this be the missing link?


I called my good friend, Barbara, (the chiropractic clinic’s office manager… plus some ;) ), so she could help me figure out the date I purchased the Thyro Plus.  To my amazement, I purchased and started taking it on February 10, 2011.  My bottle would have lasted me until the 2nd week of March with the dose I was taking.  I specifically remember March 8th being a day I called my doctor complaining of feeling great to suddenly feeling much worse.


Desiccated Thyroid & Adrenal Bring New Hope

Because I’ve had little results with low doses of sustained T3 (non-synthetic) and my doctor lacks the confidence to follow through with one treatment at a time, I’ve decided to give desiccated thyroid a whirl.  All of my labs show a dysfunction in my T4 to T3 conversion, therefore I am very reluctant to give up on the T3; I know it works at higher doses.  While on doses between 40 -50 mg I noticed positive changes in weight loss, relief from sinusitis, hair loss, fatigue, constipation, sleep, and brain fog.  While my doctor remains unwilling to raise my T3 dosage, a new hope for a better quality of life through desiccated thyroid is emerging.  I’ve decided to chase this lead.

I’ve ordered a different product through which is similar in dosage to the Thyro Plus, but singles out the thyroid tissue.  I’ve also purchased the adrenal tissue separately.  I chose this company because of their quality control.  The tissue comes from grass-fed pastured animals with no hormones or antibiotics, and “have no proximity to countries with BSE” (mad cow disease).

I start replacing T3 gradually with desiccated pig thyroid tonight… with my fingers and toes crossed!  I’m still having trouble believing freeze-dried thyroid tissue could make that big of a difference over T3 supplementation.


GOOOD LUCK GIRL. I noticed a huge change when I started taking the digestive enzymes and using Cocunut oil!! You are so on to something…

Primal Phoenix says:

YAY! So happy to hear that! Yeah, I’m trying to find a way to get it all out in simple blog posts. As you can see, I haven’t really begun. I’ve been so busy lately. Thanks for the continued encouragement! <3 ya!

i’m almost in tears. you’re journey (i’ve been reading your old blog too) with adrenal fatigue and thryoid issues is like reading through my own. im still at the very symptomatic stages – extreme constipation and complete lack of energy being my two top (and most debilitating) annoyances. i’m a crossfit athlete and have been pretty strict primal/paleo for about a year now, not so strict for about 4 (lots of full fat dairy/cheese and eggs, both of which i found out i have delayed inflammatory reactions to) or so years prior to that. i have been to SO MANY doctors, finally diagnosed with adrenal fatigue inwhich the adrenal support the doctor put me on made me 100% worse for about 2 months so now i’m with a new doctor who is treating my throid with Armour, which to our dismay, has only slightly altered the situation and now we are back to adrenal support. i knocked down my Armour dose to 1/2 grain in the AM and 1/2 a grain in the afternoon along with my adrenal supplements, but am finding no relief, especially from the constipation, which makes me feel so toxic. i upped my vitamin C dosages and will play with that a bit but was wondering if you had time to email and talk a little more in depth. i am really struggling here and could REALLY use some advice from someone who has gone/is going through it :) thanks so much for sharing, your blog has been such a help in the past couple of days!

Primal Phoenix says:

Hi Katie! Yes, there is almost always an adrenal insufficiency with hypothyroid; they go hand-in-hand. I had the same reaction after starting adrenal support as you are describing. Dr. James Wilson (author of Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Syndrome) posted an explanation in one of his blogs. I’ll see if I can find it for you, but basically the body has been slowed of all it’s functions. When you speed it up in any way detoxing is able to take place in which you feel worse before you feel better. I’m curious as to why you cut back on thyroid dose. I’ll email you. Hang tight girl. There’s hope, we just have to use the same drive we have in training to move through this. (((((hugs))))))

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