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Happy Halloween!

Yesterday morning I followed through with my new mini-goal Aly set for me. I felt fantastic afterwards!

400 meter runs 4 rounds (w/1 min. rest instead of 45 sec.):
Average 400 meter time – 2:35

Kettlebell Swings 21 for time, rest same amount of time:
20 lbs for an avg of 30 seconds per round with equal amount of rest

Now that I have my starting point, I’m excited to watch this progress.


Later that evening at Crossfit Native, the white board read as follows:

Monday, October 31 2011

Warm Up:
Junk Yard Dog – Burgener Warm Up – Skill Transfer

Muscle Snatch – 5×5

Workout Of Day:
1min on 1min off for 10min

Jumping Squats – 1 to 2″ for Max Reps (45/33)

10 Burpee Penalty for Rounds Under 30 Reps
(Does anyone else see “for rounds under 30 reps”? Should I drop and do 40 more??)


I accidentally grabbed the 45 lb bar instead of the 33lb bar.  (on everything!)

Power Snatch 5 x 5  – 45 lbs for 1st set, 55 lbs for 2nd thru 5th set. The 55 lb felt like a good weight to practice with.

WOD –  Jump Squats 19 (had major brain farts), 21, 17, 15, 11 (failed twice) – 83 reps

Penalty 10 burpees.  As I pointed out early, something tells me this was supposed to be for every round we didn’t complete 30 reps in.  But who am I to argue? ;)

I’m definitely no expert, but I can already spot a few mistakes on my own.

It looks like I’m pulling with my arms instead of using enough momentum.  I still have a lot of practice with my stance and landing.  Hell, I still have a lot of practice, period. 

Some Issues I was/am having:

  • Placement of arms overhead.  My shoulder hurt last time.  It took about two weeks to recover fully.  It’s still a little tight.
  • My landing stance was too wide leaving me with virtually no base.  There’s no way that weight could get any heavier without a solid base!

The Fix:

Alignment of my arms overhead was an easy fix.  Greg pointed out they were too far back.  I also had to tighten up through my torso more and flip my wrists up, as Kirk describes it, “like you’re ripping the bar in half”.  With only those two pointers I had no shoulder issues.

My landing stance was confusing the heck out of me.    There were two things causing this. 

1.)  I didn’t always start out with a jump stance that was right for me.  Sometimes it was too wide and sometimes it was too narrow.

2.)  I was over compensating in my landing.  A small movement didn’t feel like enough, so I would jump wide.  And depending on where I was starting also depended on how wide my landing stance was.  It wasn’t until Greg had me jump into landing without any weight that I saw exactly where I was going wrong.


I have a lot more practice ahead of me, but I love this!

Are you a pro at Olympic Lifting and have some pointers for me?  FIRE AWAY!

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