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God Wants Me to Listen

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Slowing down has been good for my spiritual growth.  This may sound a little unorthodox, but I’m Catholic with virtually no education or understanding of organized religion.  As a young girl I connected with God in my own ways.  I’m not sure how I knew how to do this, but I believe we are wired to seek this relationship out; we just know there is something more.

Several years ago I decided to seek out Orthodoxy.  I went to several Wednesday night classes and attended a few services.  I never felt quite right there (or any other church).  I feel peaceful and connected when I’m quiet with God in my ways.

This evening I sat down to read my emails.  I like to check up on my friends through their blogs as much as possible since the majority of my good friends are long distance.  Tonight the blog was Wonderfully Made, written by one of my good friends, Coco.  She wrote about Psalm 139 and because I’m always seeking knowledge and understanding I was intrigued a little more than usual with this post.  Coco talked about the different words that had jumped out at her in Psalm 139 that she hadn’t focused on before.

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
   your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Coco points out, “We spend so much time criticizing ourselves that we forget that we are part of God’s creation. In His eyes, we are perfectly made–human flaws and all.“ 

Coco’s thought provoking blog is very timely for me after giving myself permission to finally be the Real Me. (You have no idea the power and release that gave me.)

Tonight God must have really wanted me to hear him.  Just minutes later I read another message from a friend (who has no connection with Coco or her blog) after communicating what had happened to me (for me??) in the last few years.  He said,  ”…its a life long struggle dealing with ourself.  The more we learn the more we try things so don’t get so hard on yourself and know God made you just right!!

There’s really not a lot to say.  If God has made me just right, “human flaws and all”, then acceptance and growth is all there is left to work on – “fixing” is an obsolete goal.

~Karen C.L. Anderson~ says:


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