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Getting Physical for the First Time… Again

Last Tuesday I pulled out a workout from my library – one I’ve done before with ease. I modified it drastically, knowing I’ve lost strength, endurance and I needed a toned down workout program. I cut the sets down to 2 and knocked the weights down to more moderate weights. 4 exercises and I was toast. This was Tuesday, 7 days later and I’m STILL sore! It’s a tad depressing, but it’s also eye-opening.


I thought the workout I did on Tuesday was going to be an easy beginner level workout I could start and progress with. The good that came of this workout, even though it felt crushing to realize, was that I can now relate more to what beginners feel. (That means when I get back to training I won’t be killing people.) I’m also more aware of how to approach my workouts at this point in my recovery when I’m trying to find some normalcy with my activity. It showed me more of what my “beginner” level should look like. I can see how important taking a step back and starting from the “beginning” will be at this point.

The blow came from seeing just how much I’ve lost. BUT… I also can’t ignore how impressed I am with myself. Look at what I was able to do on a daily basis with ease. There’s no doubt I was training as an elite athlete. I just wasn’t eating like one. Lesson learned. I know that athlete is still within, but she’s expanding her knowledge and experience right now so she can come back even better – that much wiser and stronger.


Just as I feel sure on how I should be eating I also now feel just as sure with how I should be approaching my workouts. No more splits for now. My beginning level looks like full body workouts twice a week. One exercise per muscle group no more than 2 sets. I think “lame”, but I know it’s time to honor where my body is.


I know there are a lot of people that would like to think I will give up on pursuing the sport of bodybuilding. But truth be told I can’t give you all that satisfaction. (You should know me better than that anyway.) I never really got to experience it in a way that I would have liked. So for now my cardio will be based on competing sometime in the future. Meaning, I’m doing as little cardio as possible right now. Maybe a daily 15 or 20 min. stroll just for some mobility. Thinking… off-season. Recovery takes place during off-season, so it’s fitting for me right now.

This all feels right and I’m not doubting or questioning it like before. But without that killer weenie workout Tuesday leaving me sore and wiped all week, I would have never felt this way. Trial and error in full effect! Can I get an “AMEN”?


Amen! :)

Good for you!!! Amen! :)

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