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Wednesday, October 12 2011

Warm Up: 3×10 – Pull Ups – Sit Ups – Push Ups

Strength: Turkish Get Ups – 3×5

Workout Of the Day: 2 Rounds for Time

400m Run

25 Ball Slams (30/20)

35 Kettle Bell Swings (70/55)

45 Wall Balls (20/14)



I didn’t RX this workout. I’m still a ways from being able to RX most WODs. Today was brutal! When I saw the rep scheme I knew it would be nothing less than a real butt kicker. 

Warm up and Strength:  I used the black band on pull-ups (I have a goal of green!) and I did about half of my push-ups on my knees (push ups are to the ground).  I used 15 lbs for the first set of Turkish Get Ups.  For the 2nd (and final) set I had to drop down to 10 lbs.  There is a noticeable difference in my right and left shoulder.  A couple years ago I tore my rotator cuff in my left shoulder.  The weakness is showing up more on these Turkish Get Ups than any other exercise.

Workout Of the Day: 2 Rounds for Time

400m Run  – I walked more than half of the 2nd round.

25 Ball Slams – 15 # I think? All I know is I didn’t have to go drop down to the 10 # ball

35 Kettle Bell Swings – 20 #

45 Wall Balls 14 # – dropped to 10 # after 1/2 way on the 1st round.

TIME: 27:29! Ugh!


Today was another moment of reflection; where I’ve been, where I am, how I really don’t need to compare myself to others and even to my own past. It is what it is, and I am where I am. That’s the present, which is where my focus should be, not on worrying about how much I’ve lost or gained, depending on what we are talking about. ;)

A good friend of mine posted this on FB today.

This really hit home.  “Sacrificed health”? Not for money but for other reasons.  I have definitely sacrificed my money trying to recuperate my health.  And the anxiety and worry of the future and so on.  The only thing I can do now… is focus on the present.  Not to stray too far from my WOD, but it reminds me that I still need to stay present and enjoy the life happening around me.

So, back to my WOD… The 400 meter run was no big, even the ball slams weren’t too bad (notice we’re still climbing in reps at this time), the kettlebell swings got tough, and by the time I got to the wall ball, I was gasping for air and praying I didn’t throw up.  I used some great advice from my instructor.  He said when it gets tough break it down in reps.  So that 45 ended up being a TON of 10, 5 and then 2 and 3 reps!

Time for round 2!  If you can’t dig deep, really deep, and pull out the positive motivational voices in your head (this is when having multiple personalities comes in handy ;) ), all I can say is… GOOD LUCK!

I almost had a breakdown on my 2nd “run” just thinking of all that could have, should have, if only… but it really does boil down to the present.  I find myself getting back into the zone, yet I have to continuously encourage myself.  This style of training feels better, but it’s requiring me to work in ways I haven’t had to in a while, and let’s face it… no matter how hard I worked before (there I go again), this is a total different animal – no amount of “before” would help me.  CrossFit is requiring me to look within and find pieces of who I am that I may have missed before, or at least took for granted.


Good advice T, I know when it comes to you “it’s different” but you really know deep down it’s not. You’d tell anyone you were working with the same things – it’s about the present, forget the past, do what you can NOW…you’re going to get there and be stronger than ever for it.

I think that WOD wouldda kicked my ass too :)


Primal Phoenix says:

Yes, Cooth, we’re all striving to break free of our silly thoughts and other things that hold us back or keep us stagnant – no matter the journey, they are all quite similar. I know without a shadow of a doubt I will come out stronger (more than just physically) in the “end”. Or shall we say “in the next chapter”?

Thanks for always being there.


You are amazing my friend!

Primal Phoenix says:

Thanks Alan! So are YOU! :)

Until The End | Primal Phoenix says:

[...] was quick to recognize my weak side.  Turns out the Turkish Get Ups aren’t the only reminder of my imbalances.  I just know I’ll have many imbalances and [...]

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