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First Official Leg Day

I had my first official leg day today.  It’s been about 9 months since I had a traditional leg workout.

I’ve partnered back up with Mark.  For those of you that don’t know me (or Mark), Mark was my 3rd trainer/mentor in my figure competing pursuit.  We really worked well together.  We had our break up at the end of 2009.  Things seem to have perfect timing as he’s more familiar with the health issues I’m facing.  It makes it much easier for him to listen to me than argue with me.

I really don’t have a specific plan laid out.  I’m just getting back into the swing of things.  I figure I’ll shoot for 3 times a week in the gym and be happy with 2 times if that’s what my body is telling me.  After 9 months of absolutely no structure and hardly any heavy lifting, and STILL having my strength intact, I’m not too worried about having “no plan”.

Today was:

SUPER SET – Seated Calf Raises / Leg Sled Calf Presses.
15 x 45 lb / 15 x 90 lb
15 x 90 lb / 15 x 180 lb
15 x 90 lb / 15 x 180 lb
10 x 4 with 5 sec rest 25 lb / 10 x 4 with 5 sec rest 90 lb

Seated Hamstring Curl
20 x 50 lb
20 x 60 lb
20 x 70 lb
10 x 4 with 5 sec hold 50 lb

15 x 95 lb
10 x 135 lb
5 x 185 lb
4 x 225 lb
20 x 135 lb

GIANT SET –  Leg Sled Wide Stance / DB walking lunges / glute kickback machine
30 x 90 lb / 15 lb DB x 20ish / 50 lb
25 x 180 lb / 15 lb DB x 20ish / 50 lb
20 x 180 lb….. DONE!

Typically our last giant is 4 sets.  But I’m thinking, on leg day especially, I need to cut it in half.  I don’t know… we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  Not just how sore I am, but how is my energy, how is my sleep, etc.

After I got home and let my dinner digest, I completed a short run.  I’m helping a friend test her running program out.  It’s not anything too strenuous.  I’m building up to a 5k… again.  The total run/walk was 1.56 miles.  I can definitely feel the extra weight.

STICK A FORK IN ME I’M DONE!  Heading to bed as we speak.
Nite all!

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