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First Day of Push

First day of push was….. different.  Intensely different article source . At first glance of my program I have to admit I was a little dissappointed.  I still have that mind set that more is better.  Not fully realizing that less IS more.  This workout had me clearly aware of this fact.

click the following article I started off with DB decline presses.  They went very well.  I was able to crank out 5 reps with the 50lbs, with a little spot to get me set.  After that I was good as gold.  I could have pushed out several more.  Without that set up, it may not have been as beautiful as it was.  Everything felt great.  Although my shoulder blade wants to wing out on everything I do, I was able to keep it flat and the shoulder down.  All is good.

I moved on to the BB Standing Military Presses, which I have never done before.  Sean told me to go ahead and use the force of my legs to get it up there.  So I did.  At first it was easy, of course after 2 sets it was tough and just became more exhausting as I moved through the sets and upping the weight.  The interesting thing I noticed on this exercise was that my shoulder blades seemed to stay in place without as much thought.  In the first 2 sets I noticed burning in between my shoulder blade and spine.  I’m assuming given the circumstances that was my rhomoid talkin’ to me.  I’m finding that strength might not be the problem.  It’s more a lack of endurance and isometric stabilization. I also began noticing what I’m thinking is the Posterior Serratus trying to get involved.  As if it’s part of the weak link here.  It’s either that or the lat trying to work.  Maybe both?

After the presses I moved into standing lateral raises.  Seriously?  5 and 10lbs to FAILURE!  I could feel the fatigue setting in.  And if it weren’t tough enough it was back to the presses after completing the raises.  This time the legs really got to working.  I also noticed that my abs were giving out.  I either wasn’t forcing them into contraction or I exhausted earlier because of my previous ab day that had left me pretty tore up.  I need to make a note of this going into this the next time.

Then it was time for close-grip push-ups.  Ummmm…. yeah.  That went well.  Just getting into position nearly had me falling on my face.  It was beautiful!  Somehow I managed completing 3 sets of 10 – well, more like 7 – 9 reps.  That counts as 10, right?

click I went on to finish my EZ-Curl BB Skull Crushers.  Failed on almost every set.  At this point in the workout my rhomboids were totally fried – just from stabilizing!  I could feel it in every rep with these.  It really shows me this is what I need.

Today I’m mildly sore in my traps, although I was already sore in my traps from DB step ups the day before (I’m wondering if I used correct form, or if I’m supposed to feel that).  My right delt is notably more sore than my left!  YAYYY!  I sense symmetry is in the making!

I’ll be getting video of the standing BB presses in another week or so.  I’m cycling a week on and off with each workout.  Tomorrow is sumo deads.  Will also be getting video for form to be critiqued here .

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