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eDiet’s Houston Member’s Event

This week has been hectic preparing for my trip to Houston for the eDiet’s member event. I’ve been trying to clean the house, pay bills, and tend to my children and homeschool, and everything in between. I’m having a lot of problems with my youngest daughter (6yrs in Nov.). This will be her first time to be away from me for “so long”, 3 days. I feel horrible watching her struggle with this. I know it will be good for her in the end. All I can do right now is comfort her with my love and understanding.

I’m excited and nervous to meet everyone, especially Raphael, my mentor, my fitness trainer through eDiets. To let a little of my insecurities show, I’m always afraid I’ll be “unimportant” to people. It seems I’ve been “overlooked” my entire life. I tend to be worried about what people think of me more often than I should, especially people I look up to. Now that I’m older I can see maybe some of those feelings were me hiding in the shadows. But… unfortunately those feelings have been ingrained in me and changing them will take work. Seems weight issues come with MANY other contributing factors than just eating too much.

I can’t wait to actually SPEAK with Raphael and Cathy. I’m also looking forward to seeing Alicia again and meeting Leah. I also can’t wait to connect with many other people I have possibly “overlooked” at eDiets, not purposely of course. I think this event will be a chance for a deeper connection with people I spend a lot of my time around, daily. There’s nothing like actually putting your eyes on someone, hearing their voice, and seeing their personalities really shine through. I’m excited to soak up any and all information that’s thrown at me to help guide me through the rest of my journey at this event.

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