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Don’t Force It

So it’s the end of the world tomorrow, if you didn’t get the memo, and my weight is actually moving! It would take the end of the world for my weight to start moving again. Down, that is! Go figure, right? But seriously, it’s a very surreal feeling to have the scale moving after almost 9 months!

I’m on my 2nd week of no grain and no dairy. I originally said I was starting the Paleo Diet, but I really hate putting any label to it. It’s just smart healthy eating when it comes to my bodies needs right now. It’s interesting to see how my diet has changed through the years and how my view towards certain foods has also adjusted. For instance, I avoid cheese on a regular basis. Not because it’s fattening, but because it’s a molded food that contributes to a yeast overgrowth in my system which then leads to hormonal disruption and migraines. Have you ever had a migraine? If the hormone disruption weren’t bad enough, the migraines is sure to be ENOUGH. I also avoid breads for the same reason; sugar for obvious reasons, etc. So when I put a title on my “diet” it feels odd. I’m just choosing to eat things that I feel my body tolerates well and avoid things that my body doesn’t tolerate well. It’s my diet, but not A diet.

I’ve already replaced my meats with steroid and anti-biotic free sources. The next modification to my diet will be the addition of organic grass fed meats opposed to grain fed. If you’ve never compared omega-6 to omega-3 ratios in grass fed and grain fed meats you may be very surprised to see the difference. I was. A lot of meats (including eggs) are as high as 20:1 (omega-6 to omega-3) vs. almost a perfect 1:1 ratio found in nature from grass fed animals. Because I have been found extremely deficient in DHA, and I don’t eat fish, this is a decision I feel strongly about. I don’t feel my fish oil supplements are going to be enough in my case.

The most amazing feeling is I don’t feel deprived. This was a major breakthrough for me concerning my diet – the food I eat. It is 100% my choice to eat the way I do. I think for the last 3 years it was more of a rule. And technically it was “a diet” not a lifestyle. I’ve used the moments I’ve had temptations and cravings as a way to view what’s rolling around in my head on a much deeper level. It’s made me even more aware of my feelings that fly under the radar. I crave things when I’m feeling something I’m not comfortable with, or when I’ve hit that threshold for enduring uncomfortable moments, feelings or thoughts. I think I began seeing this through the competition diet, but it was easier to mask it as deprivation more than emotional eating – I didn’t want to be eating that way.

In these last two weeks I’m shocked at the scale. (Yes, I still get on from time to time) I cut out all exercise for the first 2 weeks after adjusting my diet in order to give my body one thing at a time to deal with. In these last 2 weeks, with no cardio and over 2000 calories a day, I’ve effortlessly dropped 7.6 lbs. I’ve read over and over that health
comes before fat loss. Fat loss that comes almost effortlessly, not FORCED like most of us are used to.

This is about coaxing my body not forcing it. Maybe this is a sign my body is becoming more balanced. I think it shocks me not just because I haven’t seen the scale move in almost 9 months, but because for the first time I’m NOT forcing anything. I’m making choices for my health and not for weight loss – a priority I didn’t see clearly before.

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Yes, I like this approach. I have moved to an intuitive approach to eating and it’s doing me a world of good. Well done!

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