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Deadlift 3 Rep Max Challenge

My nifty android crossfit WOD tracking app,, has scheduled workouts and challenges in which you can compare your stats with others – friendly competition.  I couldn’t make it to my crossfit box tonight so I thought I’d log this deadlift challenge of 5 attempts for 3 max reps.  Sounded too scrumptious to pass up!

1st attempt x 3 – 135 #

2nd attempt x 3 – 155 #

3rd attempt x 3 – 185 #

4th attempt x 3 – 205 #

5th attempt x 3 – 225 #  (lost form on the last rep – that’s a no-no.)

And one more rep (with good form) at 225 # to prove to my ego that 225 # was all I had!


I went back in my diary to January 19, 2011 to find my previous PR at 1 x 250.  Here’s the video.(Needed to get closer to my body with this lift.)

Losing 25 lbs off my max lift after 6 months of resting isn’t too bad.  I’ll take it with a smile. 

And for the record, the max lift by females on the site was 290!  That’s for 3 reps!  Here’s how her 5 sets went, 215-245-265-280-290.  That totally rocks!

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