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Day Three of Calorie Increase


Day three of calorie increase – 2063 calories, 28% fat

Weight 202


Last night was the WORST night of sleep I’ve had in awhile.  I went to bed dizzy and on a dose of decongestants to combat it.  I fell asleep fine, but at 3 AM I woke up to potty, again, but couldn’t fall back to sleep.  I was up until 4:30AM.  I was sooooo hungry I almost got up to eat!  After I got back to sleep it was nothing but interrupted sleep all night.  Not cool!


Today I’m a little dizzy.  I took some more decongestants, and I’m starting to feel better now.  Nothing worse than being dizzy!  It was a WONDERFUL surprise to see the scale this morning!  My goal of being under 200 before the New Year is looking a little more possible now.


I’d also like to admit I like eating a little more. ;) The only time it is a problem is when I fall into the bad habit of not wanting to eat.  I have to stay on top of my 6 meals/snacks a day.  I know when I learn more of what I should eat (which really isn’t that hard) I’ll be fine.  I’m still coming up with new recipes and items to eat.


A nice 30 min. nap did me right today.  I’m feeling my energy coming back, slowly but surely. 


Where would I be without RC!?  I can’t even imagine!




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