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Day One of Calorie Increase

Day one of yet another calorie increase – 2100 calories, 25% fat continue reading

Starting weight 204.4


That wasn’t so hard! Why do I always do that? Maybe next time when I feel I need an increase I’ll just do it – no fear! Day one is complete with 2102 calories and 27% fat. Close enough for starters, on the fat. Right on TARGET for the 2100 calories!

I decided to blog each day during this process just to SHOW what I mentally go through and what I expect or don’t.

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So, today RC tells me he believes, and really he said there’s no question, that I am not getting enough calories AGAIN! So he upped them to 2100 and dropped my fat from 30 to 25%. That makes sense to me. And even though my MIND wanted to fight this raise, again, I KNEW that’s what I needed. I had just mentioned on our board to someone else who was saying they weren’t eating enough, that I thought I needed to up my calories again, but I wasn’t ready to do that just yet. I thought the stall might have been from taking my week off from exercise, or from starting back up strength training after that week off with a slight increase in duration. But, after letting RC analyze my days it was official – more food!

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At first I’m fearful it won’t work, but really that feeling is mute when all the other feelings start pouring in. Like, how I won’t hit my goal of busting through the 200s for the new year, and how I have problems preparing and planning for my meals in the first place – now I just have to eat MORE. Plus I just haven’t had an appetite lately. I’m assuming the appetite may be the lack of food. It’s not that crazy of an assumption after hearing you have to eat MORE to lose and SEEING it actually happen.

After all my fears subsided today, I accepted it just fine. I’ve learned I can be such a baby! GET OVER IT!

I’m telling you I don’t have a clue where I’d be without my trainer, RC. I have totally been enlightened to how we can become obese by choosing the wrong foods and not eating ENOUGH! How often do you hear an overweight person telling you they hardly eat!? It’s true! Believe them! We’ve been “taught” – through BS articles and ignorance – that we just need to eat less to lose the weight. I’m here to give a big pfffffftttttt to that! Don’t ALWAYS believe what you hear – research it and ask lots of WHYS!


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