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Day 4 & Day 11 Logs – A Diet Hijack!

Day 4 of Diet Hijack!

Starting Weight 155 more info

continue reading Today’s going on the 4th day since I hijacked my diet.  I woke up starving after an intense day of HIIT sessions and higher calories.  I spent most of yesterday second guessing myself.  Pleading in my head for this to work – I need this to work.

I stopped to think about what was so important about this working for me.  The reasons are interesting to me.  I found that by stepping out on a ledge (that’s how it feels to me) and having this work would be a great boost to my confidence in my own judgments.  I would have a leg to stand on when it came down to officially letting my previous nutrition coach go.  But what if it doesn’t?  *enter panic!*

To take charge of my own diet at 3 weeks out has been so hard for me to do.  I keep thinking, maybe he’s right and THIS would have been the week he pulled out the magic numbers.  Common sense takes a minute to kick in, “10 months later, and suddenly the magic plan is going to be revealed?”  I’ve maintained at 154 for over 8 weeks!  Yet I want to run back to the safety of someone else; someone other than myself.  What am I so afraid of?  Even if I fail, I have to walk away with something, right?  I have to.  That’s just the name of the game.  It may not be weight loss, but maybe it comes in the form of self-respect.  That would be worth it.

Current Weight 154.2 (dropping by about 0.2 lbs daily)

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Day 11 of Diet Hijack!

here Today I’m definitely feeling like I made the right move in upping my calories.  Although yesterday and today I feel underfed.  I had felt over trained by Thursday of last week.  I backed off the HIIT sessions because my legs were about to fall off.  Instead I did a steady state elliptical session last night.  After a day of steady clean carbs I feel a little more energized, still hungry, but more alert.  That’s pretty significant considering today was a killer leg day.  Tonight I think I’ll give the intervals another go, but not in way of sprints.

A few of the girls on the board have read or are in the process of reading Geneen’s latest creation, Women, Food and God.  There has been a thread started and some things have come to light for me in the weight loss dept. concerning listening more to my instincts rather than following a plan 100%.  The overall plan is still to lose fat for my competition.  But, maybe my stalls have been caused by an inability to have some room to adjust in these plans I create or follow – rigidly.  Where the majority of the time I could be under eating, on other days I might also be overeating.  The body’s plans aren’t linear to my own plans.  I’ve got to listen up click the following article .

Day 11, also 12 days out from competition, has me sitting at 150.6 (low of 150.2 yesterday).  I’m so close to that 100lb mark and close to breaking yet another decade!  Right on into the 140s!  Here’s to maximizing my progress by checking in with what my body is telling me.

1 Comment: I just love that you hijacked your own diet. This is the right way to go, T.

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