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Day 1 – Run Your A$$ Off









This marks the first official day of the bet I entered on Weighing in early was helpful to me because in order to lose 4% of my bodyweight in 4 weeks, it’s going to be challenging.  I’m in it to do my best, that’s it. I knew there would be people who would be ahead of others fairly quickly because of the early weigh-in and weighing in early. But 73% ahead??

I had to chuckle when I saw the orange arrow next to the woman who has already hit a 73% loss. This was what DietBet has on the hover-over.

DietBet is about you versus the scale.  Don’t get distracted by others. If you meet your 4% goal, you win. Nobody can stop you!

But let’s take that a step further, even if you don’t meet your 4% goal; embrace the positive changes you have made along the way.

This is why you can’t use these sort of games to lose weight IF you can’t step away from the real reason you are losing in the first place – to be healthy, not for the $$. Use this to have fun, to meet others or any other reason than because you have to win!

When I run a 5k, it’s not to be first. I race against myself – previous times or goals I’ve set. Hey if I get first place or somewhere in the top, I’d be ecstatic, but it’s not the main reason to do this, it’s not my main focus – if it happens bonus! So just as a race, enter into this game for the experience; the fun; the challenge, but don’t do it solely for the money. If you win, bonus! And if you don’t “win”, you still walk away with something to be happy about – lessons learned, new friends or other positive changes you should be focusing on.

I will add, if you find yourself bingeing or not sticking to a healthy lifestyle after the game is over, this probably isn’t a healthy game for you to be playing. You first… always!

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