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Choice in Ownership

It took 100% ownership to lose over 100lbs and accomplish many more tasks I hadn’t realized I had set out to achieve. This was MY goal I was going to reach even if it killed me! Obviously, right? But I’ve spent some time questioning what I should and should NOT take full ownership of.


When I got the verdict of adrenal fatigue, I was warned by my massage therapist, Lori, “Tara, don’t own this”. I knew exactly what she was warning me of, but I had no doubts this would be easy to DISown. After all, I didn’t choose
this goal.

Funny how ownership can gradually transition without one being aware of it. Last week it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had owned this – adrenal fatigue. Sure it’s “real” but it’s not my choice nor is it my goal. But I had fully owned this! I owned the days I felt horrible, the days I had to be immobile or dragging my feet and legs around, the days I spent napping, the amount of supplements and hormones I had to take, the many tests I’m subjected to… the voices, the thoughts, the emotions. It’s one thing to feel your emotions, to accept the feelings and move on from them, but another to completely give in to them.


Again, lessons learned, if I could only learn one thing through my training it would be this:


The mind is a powerful thing!


Our mind can hold us back or propel us further. Our mind can set or reset our belief systems while warping the truth and convincing us of lies.

I found all this to be true through my training. I always knew I was strong, but until I started training I had no idea what my strengths were. They came out in more than physical strengths, but also in my ability to face my fears, challenge my beliefs… change my beliefs… and push on no matter what!


What if we also had the power (and some say we do) to heal ourselves through our thoughts and beliefs? What if we owned the healing process but not the “disease”? Last week I began seeing things a little differently, concerning my adrenal fatigue diagnosis. It’s definitely real and to be taken seriously, but I will not take it on as MINE. I WILL however take ownership to my healing and listening (2011 word of the year!).


I will listen to my body and I will own the days I feel great; I will not own the days I feel miserable – accept, but not own! I will accept that my body is responding in the way it has to at this moment, and I will own that I must help it through by being kind mentally and physically. I am done owning adrenal fatigue as a part of who I am. I choose otherwise.


I choose to gain strength on the days I have more energy. I choose to enjoy every minute of movement I’m able to withstand. I choose to ignore the scale and focus on healing! I choose to take care of myself and be kind to myself in this process – mentally and physically. I choose to work with my body, not against it – coax, not force! I choose to focus on the GOOD because I am an optimistic soul. I choose…
because I have that choice!


Somehow the ownership of adrenal fatigue had me thinking I had lost my choice – that I was a slave to this condition. And I felt I had put myself here. The amount of guilt and blame I was carrying had become almost insurmountable. Regardless of who’s fault it is, the opportunity for growth are many. I can’t keep letting those moments pass me by.


Since realizing all of this, I have been more active, acceptant…. Yes! Let me say that again… ACCEPTANT, happy, and more in tune with my body than I had thought possible. A deeper mind-body connection is transforming. I have shifted my ownership to a more positive relationship that should push me further through healing and living a more fulfilling life. I feel me returning.

I’m singing….

“I’m back in the saddle again!!! I’m BACK!”


Join me on my quest to find 365 days of positive substance surrounding me daily.

“Optimism refuses to believe that the road ends without options.” ~Robert H. Schuller, Don’t Throw Away Tomorrow

Living life healthy... says:

Your words are so powerful….and you so so put my thoughts in to words… I could not have expressed that better!!! Thank you for that… thank you so much..and I would so love to meet you one day…..
I am taking life one day at a time…and living it to the best to my ability and making it ROCK!!!!
Keep those great postiive healing thoughts!!!!

Thank you, Becky! Meeting you would be too cool! I’d love that too.

“I am taking life one day at a time…and living it to the best to my ability and making it ROCK!!!” I love this!

Woohoo! I am singing along with you! Great post, T!

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