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2013 Week 4 Day 1 – Upper Body

You can find each phase of my workout program here.     UPPER BODY Bench Press (SS) 3 x 12 Cable Fly 3 x 15 BB Bent-over Row (SS) 3 x 12 Standing Cable V-Bar Row on BOSU 3 x 15 Standing Cable Straight Bar Push-Down  3 x 12 Push-Ups 3 x 7 Lateral Raises


Week 2 Day 3 – Legs

I completed core and leg day – week 2. I repeated core work from week 1 – no changes, other than the ones noted below.   Leg Day is like cookies to Cookie Monster! YUMMMY!!!   WEEK 2 – Legs: DB Rotating Bench Step-Ups With 3 Sec Balance Hold – 3 sets x 10 reps


2013 Week 3 Day 1 – Chest & Back

I was sick all week last week.  I didn’t want to risk running my immune system down any further just to “stay on track” with a workout program.  This week is technically my week 2.  I have a touch of a stomach bug, but nothing that is really killing me, just annoying me. I know some


Week 1 – Leg Day

DB turning step ups 3×10 (10#, 15#, 15#) DB single-leg DL 3×15 (15#) DB walking lunges 3×10 (10#) butt kicks w/resistance band 3×15 cable hip abduction 3×15 reverse calf raises 3×10-12 As much as my head wanted to take over I had to listen to my body.  My inner thighs were beginning to cramp on

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