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Coffee Cons

  Coffee can be decaffeinated using one of several methods. With direct process decaffeinating, solvents such as formaldehyde are used to absorb the caffeine from the coffee in order to remove it. The flavor of the chemical method coffee is generally considered superior; however, it leaves some chemical residue that can have negative health effects


2/8/11 Sleeping More = Crashing Less

I think I’m starting to see a direct link between my sleep and my crashes early in the day. The nights I get a solid 6 hours of sleep I’ve noticed a 2 hour prolonging of energy before crashing. There are some things I can do to help in getting that sleep I so desperately



I totally bought this Vitamix to make green veggie smoothies and drinks. Me and my kiddos are sitting around this week snowed in and bored out of our minds!  My daughter was wanting something “sweet”, so I got my new toy out to take a stab at my first dessert! In under 5 minutes I



Part of my healing involves eating a lot of vegetables.  80% is is ideal for healing (60% for maintaining health).  Getting close to that is going to be tough.  SO… I finally got a Vitamix to help ease more veggies into my diet.  It seems easier to drink them than to eat them… to me.

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