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Bye, Kori! Hi, Practice!

I had my last session with Kori this afternoon.  She’s happy with my progress.  She says I improve every time she sees me and I feel the same.  I’m much more confident today than I was 3 weeks ago.  I’ve got my notes and pictures to view and Mark and Dale will be helping.  I think I’ll be fine.

Today we worked on walking, my stage entrance with poses, flipping of the hair and my curtsey!  We had a good laugh because she confirmed what I had felt; my previous curtsey looked awkward and manish.  Pretty funny when I told her that a male bodybuilder taught me how to curtsey.

Given the circumstances and time limits, posing is going very well.  Of course I still have a few things to work on.  I’m leaning back when I walk, so I have to remember to stand tall, but not back.  I’ve got to perfect my turns and getting my back big.  I did a lot better with keeping my arms at the right distance from my body.  I also got a thumbs up on my side pose!  YAY!  I felt good about it as well.  I’m feeling pretty good, especially considering I’ve only just started real practice only 3 weeks ago.   Not to mention, all my old habits and bad lessons had to be undone.  That’s been the biggest challenge.

She suggested I video tape posing practice next time.  That should help me more.  If I feel like I need to work on something with her I’m going to get back with her. I think I’ll be good.  I feel we’ve covered everything, now it’s just a matter of practice makes perfect.  Wow, I just noticed leaving these people I rely on is getting easier and easier. *wink*

More posing Saturday.  Hopefully I’ll get video.

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