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Friday, September 23 2011

Warm Up: 3×10 Overhead Squat – Shoulder Press – Sumo Deadlift High Pull (45#/33#)
Skill: Clean – Speed through the Middle
Workout Of the Day:
10 to 1 Clean & Jerk & Deadlift (115#/83#)  

this web page “BAR WORK!  This is my kind of WOD!” I thought to myself.

I’m still learning all the language and abbreviations.  At times I feel I’m in another world, but I love learning new things and I love new challenges.  I totally knew better when I thought “10 to 1″ was some sort of ratio 10:1 (clean & jerks:deadlifts).  Being an air-head comes naturally to me, but that was the only reasonable thing to think!  I was dead WRONG!  10 to 1 is 10 reps, 9 reps, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… of each clean and Jerks and deadlifts.  If it sounds easy chances are it’s completely opposite!  Got it!

When I first started crossfit, and actually up until tonight, I’ve had this thing against using the 33# bar.  No, thank you.  I want the 45# bar.  That’s my home.  I’m learning very quickly the art of being humble.  I practiced this life lesson with warm ups; I started with 45# by the 3rd round I was humbled.  I dropped down to the 33# bar.  Needless to say, I was warm.  I’m so brain dead, I don’t even remember the weight I used to practice the “skill” cleans.

Kirk and I were on the same page when he set my weight at 75#.  But after the 2nd round (9 rep), and Kirk correcting my SLDL to Regular DLs, I had to drop it to 63#.  Yes, I’ll take another helping of homemade humble pie.

When I got to the  4th or 5th rep set I almost dropped the weight down more.  Instead I became aware that it was more in my mind than my ability.  So I stayed the course.  And half way through, I didn’t give a crap about the minutes on the clock or the plates on my bar, or even which bar I was using.  I felt my abs giving in and my legs screaming with each squat and my lungs struggling for air, but somewhere amongst it all… I loved every minute of it!  (You really couldn’t have known by the look on my face or my feeling of passing out and throwing up all at the same time)

I’m anxious to watch my cardiovascular endurance progress and my strength return.  I’m hungry for learning even more.  I’m hooked. So my results… 33:59.  This was the hardest workout I’ve done so far and I’m POSITIVE it won’t be the last.

On a side note, something Kirk said to me regarding my dreaded weight gain really set me on a different path of focus.  “We’re working from the inside out.  Last time you set your goal for looks and where did that get you?  We’re going to do it different this time.”  Well, that’s what I heard anyway.  And it had me saying…. “Yeah… You’re so right.”  Doesn’t mean it’s still not hard. 

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What’s your favorite crossfit WOD?  What’s your worst?!?

Do you remember struggling with oxygen intake in the beginning or currently?

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